All-American Paintball Park Closed

tour r3 c7 f2This past week was the last time players could take advantage of All American Paintball Park’s great facilities, for the time being. As the Smart Parts proceedings continue, one may speculate as to how long until this field is back up and running. The All-American paintball park, is no longer taking private groups as of April 18th 2010. All future events have also been cancelled. ¬†Officials are expected to make their public announcement very shortly.

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Smart Parts 2009 Impulse

Rumors of a new Smart Parts Impulse are spreading like wildfire. Word has it the marker was approximately 50 days out from the Mid Atlantic Open and will feature a knock-open poppet valve system. The marker is said to be … Read More

Press Release: Founders of Procaps/DraXxuS and Smart Parts Form Revolutionary New Product Think-Tank

In tradition, we broke the story on Richmond’s re-entry into paintball and the subsequent rumors that he was working with the Gardner brothers. Our stories attracted the attention of GI Milsim exec’s and what follows is the official announcement, … Read More

Smart Parts Impulse Grip Frame 3d render

A leaked 3d rendering of the Smart Parts Impulse grip frame has surfaced on the internet. Can’t really explain why 3d renderings are surfacing only 3 days prior to the markers planned debut at the Bitburg, Germany Millenium event but … Read More

Smart Parts "temporarily closed"

SmartPartsLogo finalAccording to a release we received, Smart Parts is undergoing restructuring for the remainder of the month. For those of you looking to have your Shockers and Impulse paintball markers tuned, hold tight, or try your local paintball store. If your a luxe owner and are in need of service, you lucked out. Check into the DLX West Coast Service Center, which will remain open.

Anyhow, without further adu, read up on the latest paintball news from Smart Parts.

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