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Rumored Changes to NPPL Layout Dimensions and Bunker Selection

Churned up from the depths of the rumor mill, we’ve got some very interesting information on planned changes to the NPPL field layout dimensions and bunker scheme. Sources indicate a potential shrinking of the playing area from 180 feet x 100 feet to 170 feet x 100 feet. Compare this to the move made by […]Read More

Moving and shaking: Industry Edition

Great American Paintball is considering closing up shop. Shrinking profit margins, small distribution network and slow business. Trying not to miss out on the internet, Face Full finally begins the transition its publication online. The market place seems to be heating up and all the big players (or whats left of them) seem to be […]Read More

Kee Action Sports HQ up for sale

Note: This is just the building, not the entire operation. This may be related to the showroom being striped down and emptied out and front end employees being laid off (as per your comments shared in our recent coverage of Kee Action Sports shady legal tactics) Research Credit: Superballer88Read More

NPPL's Shawn Walker returns to the PBNation community

As was mentioned in the chat box, Shawn is back and this time will try to play nicely. Apparently he will be trying to play ball again in order to relearn what its like to be one of us so that they can better tailor the organization to our needs..or something like that. Although he […]Read More

Mythbusters meets Paintball

Watch on Youtube This past Thursday the Mythbusters built and demo’d what could be the largest paintball gun ever to recreate the MONA LISA in less than 80 miliseconds. Watch from 1:30 to end.Read More

Moving and shaking; Aftermath, HK, Bad Company

This week in paintball news we hear that Aftermath has picked up two D1 players from another podium team and cut Nick Hooper for being heartless. Bad Company is setting up to compete at World Cup, the question is will they finally shoot spyders? Gio of Giant Paintball / SC Village has bought some time […]Read More