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Ask Dynasty's Coach Mike Hinman

This is your opportunity to pick Mike's brain. Feel free to ask him your questions relating to game of paintball. One question per post please. ProPaintball moderators will send the best questions to Hinman and we will post his answers as soon as he gets them back to us.Read More

Pro Paintball Weekend Rumor Report

The last few weeks have been hectic in the paintball world. Teams are adjusting themselves for NPPL and PSP Chicago Open events. According to Pro Paintball Insiders, several teams are changing divisions and in other cases they are folding. Read on for the memorial weekend rumor report.Read More

Aftermath making moves for World Cup

Following on the heels of our Monday Rumor Report, we’ve learned that pro paintball team SD Aftermath is in the midst of adjusting thier roster for the currently undefeated Aftermath II squad. Yesterday we unvieled that former Infamous/Bushwacker Shane Howe had joined the team. We’ve just learned that he will be joined byRead More

Aftermath makes the move to Semi Pro!

San Diego Aftermath and Russian Legion faced off at Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, CA over the weekend. The battles were hard fought and the teams went back and forth exchanging points. Russian Legion and Aftermath were busy practicing the field and making last minute adjustments to the game plans they will be using […]Read More