[PPS] Weekend of June 13th & 14th

Welcome to week 2 of the Pro Practice Schedule [PPS]! Our first edition of the PPS was a great success and we are proud to announce that several teams have joined the PPS including the Hurricanes, the Americans, and the … Read More

Rumor Wednesday: the road to World Cup

propaintball-iconThe end of the paintball season is typically one of the most exciting times in pro paintball. Paintball teams, players and industry titans are racing to position themselves for the best possible outcome. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from X-Factor, Richmond Italia, KEE, XSV, and Miami Rage.

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NPPL Interview part 2 of 2

propaintballToday we are proud to present the second part of our NPPL interview with board members and pro paintball players Frank Connell, Alex Fraige, Rich Telford, Bart Yacimec and Chuck Hendsch. In case you missed it, check out NPPL Interview Part 1. Read on for more information regarding Shawn Walker, Sand Bagging, the NPPL ID Card System, Semi Auto vs Ramping and more.

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NPPL interview with Rich, Frank, Bart and Chuck & Alex – Part 1 of 2

nppl1Today we are proud to present an interview with the NPPL board of directors. A few weeks back we opened our interview up to you, our faithful readers, to let us know what questions you would like answered. However, due to time constraints of the webcast we didn’t have a chance to ask all the questions that we had prepared. With that in mind, several members of the NPPL board made themselves available to an exclusive interview with ProPaintball.com. Read on as Chuck Hendsch, Frank Connell, Rich Telford, Bart Yacimec, and Alex Fraige bring the paintball community up to speed regarding the latest from the NPPL.

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Rumor of the day: Riley Sullivan – back in the game

riley-sullivanWhile we were wandering around the USPL West Coast Open trying to dig up the latest paintball news, we stumbled upon former Oakland BLAST and Less Than Zero player Riley Sullivan who was hanging out at the BLAST tent. Riley had stopped by to cheer on his former teammates on Oakland BLAST and watched them battle their way into the finals. Riley, a big fan of Pro Paintball dot Com, let us know that he would be rejoining the pro division. Check out the latest details after the jump..

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Understood Paintball re-signs Sacramento XSV

UnderstoodLogoOur friends over at Understood Paintball let us know that they have extended their sponsorship agreement with pro paintball team Sacramento XSV through 2010. Understood makes the GatWrap XL, a protective case for your paintball gun, and we highly recommend you check one out when you have a chance. As the old adage goes, “dont be a fool, wrap your tool!”

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XSV seeking new Assistant Coach

Junior Brown has announced that XSV is looking for a new Co-Captain/Assistant Coach for Sacramento XSV, below is his commentary: We are looking for an assistant coach from California to work along side player/coach Rich Telford of XSV… This would … Read More

Sacramento XSV to shoot Aliens!

AlienXSV31Pro Paintball team Sacramento XSV has been part of the Eclipse stable of teams since the inception of the Ego paintball marker back in 2005. With that being said, we were a wee-bit curious when Pro Paintball.com insiders informed us that the team may be switching to the Alien Paintball markers in 2010. Rumors had circulated that Rich Telford has been testing the Alien Independence paintball gun throughout the off season and according to the paintball news release below, Rich is very happy with the guns performance.

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