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PRO Paintball News & Rumors, Part 1

Several PRO Paintball players and teams are already on the move to reposition themselves and their teams for the 2011 pro paintball season. In today's rumor report we feature Newport Entourage, Los Angeles Ironmen, and the Russian Legion.Read More

GI Sportz 68 caliber Paintballs

Several top pro and divisional teams are swearing up and down that the new paintball from GI Sportz are worth their weight in gold. Read on for a few words from Steve Rabackoff and a video interview with Chris Lasoya on the new GI Sportz 68 caliber paintballs.Read More

PSP World Cup Photos – Saturday

Saturday was a day filled with intense competition as divisional and pro paintball teams faced off to battle for their chance to play in the Finals. Click here for Saturday's paintball photo report.Read More

Dye 2011 Pro Jerseys

New gear from Dye keeps rolling out. Yesterday we saw the DM11 and 2011 NT and now the Ton Tons, Nexus, Naughty Dogs, Ironmen, and Damage have new Jerseys. We are still on clear if any of the teams will be wearing the new gear tomorrow.Read More

PSP World Cup Trade Show Part 2

The sun in shining and the weather is crisp as today marks the first day of battle for teams from across the globe @ PSP World Cup. Last night we brought you part 1 of our Trade Show coverage, and this morning we're back for more with new gear, guns, and photos for all.Read More