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PSP New Jersey Open – Friday Photos

With the webcast missing only scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, we were originally left in the dark for todays coverage of the NJ Open.  Official Pro Paintball photographer Skips Pics has brought us a lovely teaser gallery to hold us over until his complete gallery is ready.Read More

PSP Announces Event #4 – West Coast Open

  PSP filled in the last gap of their 2013 event schedule today when they announced Event #4’s locale is set for SoCal. Read on for the full press release (if that’s your type of thing). This should be a highly hyped and attended event, with a good mix of Southern California’s regional talent and […]Read More

Video: ETV Artifact Episode 6 – Updated

Artifact Episode 6, “The Reason” follows Chicago Aftershock as they compete all the way to the finals of 2010 World Cup of Paintball, and attempt to define themselves against both their peers, and the legacy they have inherited from one of the winningest teams in the history of professional paintball.Read More

Brackets released for 2013 PSP MAO

Time to start scouting! PSP has officially compiled and released brackets for this weekend’s event. Check out this link to access all the divisional bracket listings: https://www.paintball-players.org/scores/L1/E2641/divSchedules.html   Here’s a look at the PRO match-ups via APPA:  Read More

PSP Dallas Brackets Released Through APPA

[Photo Credit: APPA https://www.paintball-players.org/scores/L1/E2639/brackets.html]   The wait is over. Brackets are upon us for Dallas. Size up your competition; scout rosters; tailor your game plan to your competition.. Or just hit the field with total disregard for who’s on the other end. Different teams take different approaches.   Who are your picks for the Sunday […]Read More

PSP Releases Updated Rule Book for 2013 Season

Pay attention to the details, kiddies! When the match is on the line, knowing the finite points of the PSP Rulebook can mean the difference between a W and an L. Anyone who’s logged time in the league can recall games where the rules helped, and games where the rules hurt. PSP Rulebook giveth, PSP […]Read More

PSP Chicago Open Paintball Photographs – SkipsPics

Today we bring to you, some more pictures from the 2011 PSP Chicago Open. These pictures were supplied by the awesome crew over at SkipsPics.com (Skip Hickey and Jon Michael) . Make sure to check them out and contact them if you are interesting in hiring them at the next event! Also, if you’re interested […]Read More

2013 PSP MAO: Photo Gallery and Results

MAOver. Dynasty brings the repeat. Let’s get on to the results (with podium gallery) and a fat sample photo set from our dude Mike Mohr. Pro RaceTo-7 San Diego Dynasty TB Damage Impact Ironmen Pro Challengers RaceTo-7 Omaha Vicious upTon 187 cRew Texas Storm Seattle Thunder Division 1 RaceTo-5 VcK Florida King$ Wolfpack San Diego […]Read More

2013 PSP Chicago Open – Videos from AKA Media and

The 2013 PSP Chicago Open was a great success on the media front for PROpaintball.com. Our first video offerings come from Alex Garcia at AKA Media. He’s got some raw Divisional footage to share, with more in the works for later. We’ll also be showcasing some of AKA’s edits, along with the world class work […]Read More

2013 PSP Chicago and Millennium Campaign Cup Layouts Released

Same day, same layout. Millennium has been piggy backing off the Sup’Air PSP  field design for the entire 2013 season to positive feedback. Scroll on and feast your eyes on the 2013 PSP Chicago and Millennium Campaign Cup layout diagrams. What are your thoughts on the bunker configuration? Which side seems stronger? Which Pro teams […]Read More

PSP Chicago 2013 – Brackets Released

EVENT TIME! Take a look at the Divisional match-ups below and see all the brackets at this link via APPA: https://www.paintball-players.org/scores/l1/E2640/brackets.html PROpb will be updated when Pro brackets are announced.. Stay locked into the site for ALL the Chicago coverage you could want this weekend. We’re doing it big! #PSPChicago #PROpbRead More

2013 PSP MAO Layout Released

2 weeks left to prep your squad for PSP MAO. Doubles, hard scrimmages, and drill days ahead. The layout is here; let’s check it out. How will you attack this field? What do you think its strengths are? How about its weaknesses? Does it suit your style of play?Read More