The PSP has released a statement regarding the changes to the 2011 paintball season.

The grandstands chanted “AF-TER-SHOCK AF-TER-SHOCK AF-TER-SHOCK” and many of us were reminded of the many years when people feared the name itself. During the chant, Nicky Cuba and Matty Marshall even noted on the webcast that “Aftershock was a team to … Read More

We’re really looking forward to seeing the rest of the Skips Pics galleries for the PSP  NJO.  Check out these awesome shots from Sunday. [nggallery id=79]

PSP Mid-Atlantic Open is fast approaching and pro teams across the country are preparing for battle. We had the opportunity to catch up with CJ Botsolas and William Lofthouse of Tampa Bay Damage after the recent Damage vs. Ironmen practice. … Read More

In the final battle for semi professional 1st and 2nd podium placement, Aftermath brought the pain train against RNT AllStarz and blew the team out 7-0. This is Aftermath II’s first event as a Semi-professional team, Aftermath II moved up … Read More

The PSP just launched their new website. It is much easier of the eyes and navigating is been improved a lot. Finding information on future events and previous event has been mightily improved. There has been a lot of new sections … Read More

The weather is in fine form as pro paintball teams battle it out for the podium. PSP Field: Professional Sunday Schedule Sunday, June 27, 2010 08:00am – Damage (7) vs. Aftershock (4) – Quarter Game 1 08:50am – Aftermath (3) … Read More

It’s been a hard fought morning for all of the Semi Pro teams. Plenty of close matches and a few of the teams have had only a 1 game break between sets. Coming back from being down 3-6 and having … Read More

Aftermath II 7 > Vicious 5 Trauma 7 > Palm Beach VIpers 6 Vicious 7 > Atlanta Edge 2 RNT All-stars 7 > Trauma 3 Atlanta Edge 7 > XSV 3 The RNT Allstars are keeping a dream alive by continuing to … Read More

After a long game of give and take, the Ironmen defeated Tampa Bay Damage by a one point margin. During the match, Oliver lang ran through the center of the field, pausing at the 50 cake, and then charging down … Read More

*Note: The webcast issues are still being resolved, but the PSP is adding each game to PSP TV as the games are concluded. It’s day four of the tournament and the Semi-Pro and Pro teams are playing their last preliminary … Read More

So check it, I’m here at the dye booth at cup and they are running a really cool program known as the “NT Experience”. Basically your paintball team can sign up to use a team set of the new NT … Read More

In order to stay in touch with their fans, San Diego Dynasty has joined the instant update service known as twitter. Dynasty plans to keep fans up to date with the latest news, game scores and photos as they travel … Read More