Playing Your First Event – The Friday Frag

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Friday Frag. In our last edition we left you with a question “what do you think the most important task is prior to game on?” If you haven’t guessed it from reading the article, that is Walking The Field!!! I can not stress enough how important it is to know the firing lanes, where bunkers are placed and everything else that involves you playing paintball all day. This is something that is not only limited to a particular form of paintball, as anyone who is serious about playing, will walk the field prior to game on.

paintball deltateam

With that being said, this edition is going to be focusing on playing the first event.

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Chicago PSP Thursday Announcement – Must Read/Watch

pspThe PSP’s Chicago Open is off to a rough start this year. The Chicago area is currently experiencing a severe storm and water has flooded out several of the fields. Read on for an official update from the PSP’s Camille Lemanski as well as two photos from our friends on location.

Update: Tyler Harmon of Sacramento XSV shares some video footage of the storm in action. Check out the lack of visibility!

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