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Off-season Oscars: Red Carpet Worthy or Doomed to the D-List?

Thank you. Thank you all! You’re all too kind! I really couldn’t have made it here without… [cue the creeping Jaw’s theme, the realest addition to the ceremonies in 85yrs of running]… YOU BETTER WRAP THAT OFF-SEASON UP, B!.. So we landed on a few basic categories, cast the nominations, and decided on winners. PROpaintball.com […]Read More

Op-Ed: Grassroots – A Manual To The Paintball Industry

The following is an opinion piece written by Aleksey Kunyavsky Royt. Aleksey asks players to enjoy the game, stop bashing others, and support our local paintball stores. Sounds easy enough on paper, but is it too tall an order for todays new paintball players? Sound off in the comments below!Read More