Lots of exciting paintball news and rumors from the NPPL DC Challenge. Read on for details of the new paintball game format, a free paintball webcast, pro paintball rumors, and free paintball gear.

Location, location, location! Historically, NPPL has it most of the time; PSP dabbles with it some of the time. As stated in the title, we’ve got our mitts on a one-off rumor from the inside that the NPPL will be … Read More

ProPaintball sits down with PSP Commissioner Lane Wright to discuss the state of the PSP, the future of paintball, merger rumors, and much more. Read on for an inside look at competitive paintball.

If the NPPL and PSP merge, which rate of format should they adopt? Should it be a hybrid, ramping, semi auto, or something else entirely? Share your thoughts in the discussion below.

The paintball industry is rumored to be demanding a merger between the two competing pro paintball leagues. Read on for the latest pro paintball news and rumors and discuss the likelihood of a potential merger.

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Last night a rumor was started which indicated the NPPL and PSP paintball leagues had merged together. ProPaintball is here to set the story straight and give you an inside look at the process taking place.