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Pro Paintball Rumor Report

Pro Paintball insiders report a few pre-Christmas moves are in the works. Read on for the latest from the Ironmen, Russian Legion, Damage, Aftershock and more.Read More

Friday PRO paintball rumor report

The pro paintball season opener is just around the corner and xball teams across the country are gearing up. Read on for the latest roster updates and paintball rumors from Chicago Aftershock, Tampa Bay Damage, Los Angeles Infamous and a bit of industry gossip.Read More

Ironmen add 2 pro paintball players

A few weeks back we broke the news that among others, Adam Geis (Mutiny) and Ryan Cohen (X-Factor) were trying out for the LA Ironmen. These players were trying out to fill the vacancies left by Nicky Cuba and Jon Richardson who recently joined Infamous. According to a paintball video released by Scott Kressin of […]Read More

Weekend Rumor Report

This is going to be brief as we are posting from the road..thats right folks, we are reporting live from the 5-freeway. Ryan Cohen, Kenny Rosenberg and Kyle Spicka are trying out for the Ironmen this weekend. Nicky Cuba just announced that he is playing with Infamous for 2010. Read the latest update on his […]Read More

Paintball News & Rumor Report

Todays paintball news and rumor report covers several MAJOR adjustments to a handful of high profile pro paintball teams. Read on for the latest paintball news featuring Dynasty, Tampa Bay Damage, the All Americans, VICIOUS, Aftershock, Infamous, and the Ironmen. Talk about power moves.. Update: Ollie Lang has released a video update discussing the latest […]Read More

Friday Paintball News Roundup

Paintball players and fans can relax, Pro Paintball dot Com is back from our break and ready to roll. In this weeks installment, we catch up with Rockstar Energy, share a bit of feedback from Nicky Cuba’s SavePaintball video, and shed some light on a few rumors making their rounds on the rumor mill.Read More

Save Paintball Interview with Nicky Cuba

Pro Paintball player Nicky Cuba recently sat down with SavePaintball.org and answered several questions regarding the sport and most importantly, the state of paintball. Its always interesting to hear the thoughts an opinions of a pro paintball player on where they see the sport going and ideas in which we can promote paintball. The video […]Read More

Rumor Wednesday: the road to World Cup

The end of the paintball season is typically one of the most exciting times in pro paintball. Paintball teams, players and industry titans are racing to position themselves for the best possible outcome. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from X-Factor, Richmond Italia, KEE, XSV, and Miami Rage.Read More

Nicky Cuba launches new website

Following the launch of teammate Brandon Shorts website, Nicky Cuba of the Los Angeles Ironmen has launched his very own website @ Nicky-Cuba.com. Nicky’s website features biographical information, regular updates and the ability to purchase NuSkool and Nicky Cuba signature series paintball products.   Check it out @ Nicky-Cuba.comRead More

Ironmen vs. Americans

First point goes quickly to the Ironmen making it 1-0 and both teams receive minor penalties. Point two goes even quicker, and the All Americans were capable of quickly shutting down the Men and tie the game up at 1-1. The third point of the match rode out very slowly with both teams controlling their […]Read More