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Coverage of the Hurricanes Tournament Series

Pro Paintball correspondant Tim Barnard was able to give us a recap of what went down at the first Hurricane Tournament Series. Here’s the scoop: The first ever Hurricanes Series Event was held at Camelot Paintball, located in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The Hurricane Series is a PSP regional affiliate, which was refereed by Division 1, New […]Read More

New England Hurricanes Sign With Dye Precision

Dye Announced today the New England Hurricanes signed a multi-year contract to use Dye gear for the 2010 season and at least 2011. This will put the Hurricanes in C10 pants and jerseys as well as using the new Dye NT paintball gun. This year has been a major rebuilding year for the Hurricanes, they […]Read More

New England Hurricanes Video Competition

The New England Hurricanes have decided to put together a video competition for their latest episode. The selected winner will be given exclusive footage of the Hurricanes and be allowed to produce an official episode of Birth of a Storm. Read on for the entries. You can vote for your favorite here.Read More

Tuesday Paintball Rumor Report

Todays Pro Paintball rumor report is very wet and juicy. No shows, new paintball guns and companies reworking their sponsorship. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from the Hurricanes, XSV, Mutiny, Aftershock, Vanguard and Planet Eclipse.Read More

Hurricane 2010 RaceTo Paintball Tournament Series Info

As previously rumored, Jeff Stein and the New England Hurricanes are proud to formally announce the new Hurricane Tournament Series. The HTS will cater to paintball players in the New England area and serve as a feeder series to tournament paintball on a national level in the PSP. Read on for a first look at […]Read More

Webisode: NE Hurricanes – Birth of a Storm!

Birth of a Storm, a first in a series of online videos from the Hurricanes, provides an inside look at the development of a new pro paintball program and in many ways showcases the future of paintball. This video series (yes, there will be more) and the ones like it will provide another lens for […]Read More

NEH: Something Wicked Comes this Way

The following is a guest post by Jeff Stein of the New England Hurricanes, entitled “Something Wicked Comes this Way”. A bit of background; a few weeks back we broke the news that the New England Hurricanes would be restructuring their pro paintball organization. As a follow up to the announcement, Jeff answered a few […]Read More

Pro Paintball Interview: Dan Savoie of the NE Hurricanes

When we heard a rumor that Dan Savoie of the New England Hurricane’s was retiring from pro paintball, well, we didn’t want to believe it. We recently had a chance to catch up with Dan and learn about his life as a pro paintball player, what its like to both coach and play on a […]Read More

[PPS] Weekend of September 12th & 13th

Welcome to the Pro Practice Schedule for the weekend of September 12th and 13th. For those of you whom are tuning in for the first time, the PPS is a series of updates in which we showcase the professional teams preparations leading up to the next major event. We do our best to provide the […]Read More

Update on Dan Savoie of the NE Hurricanes

Long time Hurricane Dan Savoie has decided to take World Cup off as he evaluates his ability to continue to commit to a professional paintball team. Dan may return to the Hurricanes next year, either as a player or as a coach, or conceivably he could continue in paintball with a divisional team. Dan was […]Read More

Billy Bernacchia unveils blog, recaps Chicago Open

Star player Billy Bernacchia of the New England Hurricanes has officially unveiled his new website, BillyBernacchia.com. To start things off, Billy walks us through the Hurricanes matches during the 2009 Chicago Open paintball tournament and provides fans an excellent opportunity to view the games from the players perspective. The following is an excerpt of the […]Read More