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FeatureThisPB.com Phoenix 2010 by Matt Dawson

The wait was definitely there, but the sequel feature to last years PSP Phoenix open by Matt Dawson has finally arrived. With player interviews and stories to top-notch photography by one of the longest standing paintball photographers in the game. Check out Matt’s Phoenix 2010 experience here: http://featurethispb.com/phx10/Read More

PSP Phoenix – Saturday Summary

The staff here at Pro Paintball had a long day at the PSP Phoenix event here in Arizona, between the time spent shaking hands, meeting new people and posting up scores of all the games as it happens. Pro Paintball photographer Matt Dawson has teamed up with us to release a few photos of the […]Read More

WCPPL Event #1 Gallery and Slideshow by Matt Dawson

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmi7g84l6h8[/youtube] Long time pro paintball photographer Matt Dawson made his 2010 Season debut at the WCPPL Event #1. By clicking on the image you can see paintball through Matt’s lens. Paintball players take note, Matt D’s legendary “Feature This” event magazines are scheduled to return shortly. Matt has informed us that he is already hard […]Read More

Paintball News Round up for the week of July 6th-11th.

The economy may have taken a hit but both the paintball teams and industry are moving along, full speed ahead. Read on as we showcase the latest paintball action for the week of July 6th-11th. Paintball Jobs: Get your resumes ready! JTUSA is looking for product engineers to join their loader and goggle development teams. […]Read More

The Long Awaited Chicago Open 2009 Sunday Paintball Photos

Tradition holds for paintball tournaments in Chicago: winter weather stays strong up until the very day planes start landing and tossing paintball gear onto the baggage cars. When we arrived to the field on Tuesday it was apparent that we were in for a heatwave; 100 degrees farenheit and approx. 95% humidity. Chicago was going to […]Read More