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Ask Dynasty's Coach Mike Hinman

This is your opportunity to pick Mike's brain. Feel free to ask him your questions relating to game of paintball. One question per post please. ProPaintball moderators will send the best questions to Hinman and we will post his answers as soon as he gets them back to us.Read More

Rumor: Marcello Margott on the move

Rumor alert: Marcello Margott, the 2nd highest rated pro paintball player in 2014, is said to be leaving the Los Angeles Ironmen. Marcello has been both a feature pro player for the Ironmen as well as the poster boy for DYE Paintball. News of his departure will surely send waves through the paintball community. Earlier […]Read More

ProPaintball Millennium Series: Event #1 Malaga

The Pro Paintball Millennium Event #1 in Malaga, Spain is off to a rough start. Iceland has managed to allow their volcanoes to erupt for the second time in less than a month, and over 17,000 flights have been cancelled throughout northern Europe! The paintball gods might not be favoring those of us who decided […]Read More

Friday PRO paintball rumor report

The pro paintball season opener is just around the corner and xball teams across the country are gearing up. Read on for the latest roster updates and paintball rumors from Chicago Aftershock, Tampa Bay Damage, Los Angeles Infamous and a bit of industry gossip.Read More

Australia's Super 7 Round 2

Round 2 of the Super 7 Australian Paintball took place the weekend of August 1-2 in Serpentine, just south of Perth. In what seems to be an emerging trend, we’re going to continue to see many of the US Professional Paintball players traveling down under to enjoy the sun and compete in the Australian event […]Read More

PPR Weekend of June 13th & 14th – Part 2

For those of you just tuning in, be sure to check out Part 1 of our Post Practice Report. As promised, we are proud to present the second installment of our [ PPR ] for the weekend of June 13th and 14th. Read on below as we showcase the practices between Damage vs. the Russians, Aftermath vs. […]Read More