It is always sad to see great players part ways with our sport, especially great influences to the Pro Paintball community such as Tommy Pemberton. Tommy announced yesterday that he would be retiring from his long career with Pro Paintball team London Nexus in the European Millenium series. Read on for his official statement.

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Pro Paintball team London Nexus has released the first episode of their “New Beginnings” paintball documentary. This paintball video series follows the team through the Millennium Series and their battles in the CPL. For further watching, be sure to check … Read More

The latest episode of New Beginnings is available to view online. This new, 2-part episode features footage and raw, uncensored commentary following the team down their road to the finals in the Campaign Cup held in their home turf of London.

Pro Paintball team London Nexus is back with episode 2 of their paintball video series documenting the teams rise to the top of the CPL.