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68Caliber interviews KEE's CEO John Robinson

Following on the heels of KEE’s press release announcing the purchase of Smart Parts IP, Steve Davidson and 68caliber recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview John Robinson, CEO of KEE Action Sports and discuss the intellectual property purchase. Steve does an excellent job briefing the community on the history of the Smart […]Read More

KEE paintball shake up – UPDATED

Rumors are flying around the paintball community today that a major change has taken place at KEE Action Sports. As the company recently picked up several “mega-brands” from the Jarden Corporation, we knew that it was only a matter of time before rumors of major adjustments began to leak. Read on for the latest paintball […]Read More

Paintball Job: KEE Action Sports is hiring!

Want to work in the paintball industry? Have a knack for tinkering, working on paintball guns and fixing hoppers? Well today may be your lucky day. Our friends over at KEE Action Sports let us know that they are looking for a tech support specialist to assist them in analyzing and repairing and refurbishing KEE […]Read More

New Executive at KEE Action Sports

As the season nears, new positions are opening and leaving at various companies early into this fresh new year.  Changes have already taken place at the PSP and NPPL headquarters, now we have a new and familiar addition to the Executive team at KEE, read on for more details!Read More

Rumor of the day: KEE to buy Kingman

Today’s rumor of the day comes to us via View From the Deadbox. VFTD is reporting that KEE Action Sports Group is rumored to be buying the Kingman Group and the deal is said to close within the next 30 days. The Kingman Group is known for owning, manufacturing and distributing the new Kingman training […]Read More

Rumor of the day: KEE buys Gun Ltd.

According to sources, Gun Limited, the company behind the new Vanguard and Creed paintball guns as well as the Lucky Un1-tech barrel systems is said to have been purchased by KEE Action Sports. Word has it that the paintball markers will continue being serviced at the UK office but the sales, distribution, marketing and team […]Read More

VFTD and the Ultimate Paintball Conspiracy

View from the Dead Box has a juicy story entitled the “Ultimate Paintball Conspiracy“. Baca Loco shares the inside scoop on the conspiracy to introduce a .50 caliber paintball and the efforts to see it accepted as the new industry standard. The concept has been around for quite some time and seemed far fetched until […]Read More