The Pro Paintball Millennium Event #1 in Malaga, Spain is off to a rough start. Iceland has managed to allow their volcanoes to erupt for the second time in less than a month, and over 17,000 flights have been cancelled throughout northern Europe! The paintball gods might not be favoring those of us who decided to travel just a flight too late, though this no doubt will make for a very interesting event.

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propaintball-iconHope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! While we were enjoying great food and spending time with our families, the world of pro paintball was as busy as ever. This week, we bring you up to speed on the Russian Legion, Palm Beach Vipers, the Millennium Series, and Aftermath II. Read on for the latest news.

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Dye M2 Review

Gab-fest is a unique talk show that focuses on the major events transpiring in the world of paintball. In this 1st episode they discuss the generational differences of past and present paintballers through father and son, Steve Rabackoff and Justin Rabackoff.

propaintball-iconWelcome to the Pro Practice Schedule for the weekend of September 19th and 20th. For those of you whom are tuning in for the first time, the PPS is a series of updates in which we showcase the professional teams preparations leading up to the next major event. We do our best to provide the inside scoop on who, and most importantly, where your favorite Pro paintball team is playing in the weekends leading up to major events.

Read on for the latest news from some of the best pro paintball teams Aftershock, Aftermath, Damage, the Hurricanes, Mutiny and several others. You won’t believe who Dynasty ran into on the way to the Millennium Campaign Cup.

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Pro Paintball teams San Diego Dynasty and the Russian Legion faced off in the final match of the recent PSP Chicago Open. Many of you read the final results from the event, but, much like myself, missed the final match … Read More

Check out the new paintball gun & gear from Devastation, Justin Rabackoff’s signature Line. Read on for exclusive photos and details.