Pro Paintball caught up with Cassidy Sanders, arguably the best paintball videographer in the world. In this exclusive interview, Cassidy tells Pro Paintball about his background, influences, and news of a fresh series of paintball videos.

Cassidy Sanders has released another top notch paintball video. This episode focuses in on PSP New Jersey.

Cassidy Sanders is back with another one of his top notch “HHH” paintball videos. This time the boys hit the NPPL 2011 Surf City Open held at Huntington Beach on April 1st to 3rd and grabbed some insane paintball footage. Check it out for yourself;

Pro Paintball at PSP Phoenix

  Cassidy Sanders has unveiled his PSP Texas & Phoenix paintball video. The video launch comes as many players from around the world are preparing to compete at the PSP Chicago Open and serves as a great motivational piece. [youtube][/youtube] … Read More

As mentioned in yesterdays exclusive interview, Cassidy Sanders has launched his latest paintball video entitled “The World is Ours”. Cassidy has mashed up footage from all of the major championship events around the world into one highlight video.

The latest video by Cassidy features a bit of culture and alot of paintball action from the recent Millennium Paris 2011 paintball event. Check it. [youtube][/youtube] The first event of the 2011 Millennium Paintball Series Event kicked off in Paris … Read More

Cassidy Sanders has yet again created another enjoyable paintball video. The HK Tour continues, and this time at the PSP Chicago Open 2010 [youtube][/youtube]

Stocked up with the latest in video technology and the freshest man soda’s money can buy, Channel H is planning to keep a steady supply of video updates online for pro paintball fans. Click on for Thursdays updates from Galveston!

Cassidy Sanders from Pbfashion / Channel H recently Mic’d up pro paintball player Tyler Harmon of Tampa Bay Damage at PSP Galveston. This video provides an opportunity to watch and listen as Tyler raps his way through the prelims.