Paintballs 2010 Offseason Rumors

josh-davey-paintballThere has been a flurry of activity in the rumor mill as the 2009 paintball season draws to a close. Teams are changing sponsors, players are switching teams and companies are trying to figure out what the heck they should do about .50cal and sponsorship for the 2010 season. This update is a big one so we have broken down the news into two sections. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors.

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Help Bob Long & HuntX3 get on TV!

Bob Long and his team from HuntX3 have an opportunity to broadcast their television show nationwide and they need your help! Read on to learn how you can win a compound bow and help Bob Long in the process!

HK Army Bob Long Victory

HK Army, PBFashion, Bob Long and Tadao Technologies have teamed up to bring the latest products to pro paintball. The HK Victory features the same grips as the G6R, custom annodizing and laser, and the super charger kit. The HK … Read More

Newport Entourage, the new kids on the block

entourageAfter the announcement was made that Entourage would be moving into the pro paintball division in 2010, paintball players and fans across the world were left wondering how it would work. Will Entourage continue to be a part of the San Diego Dynasty franchise? Or, will Rodney and the Entourage players split off and develop a new self sustainable franchise. The following press release came to us this morning and sheds light on the future of the Entourage paintball team.

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Bob Long & the Victory 50cal paintball test

Check out a bunch of footage Bob Long recently captured testing his new paintball gun, the Victory .50cal. The part we found most interesting was Bobs comparison between his 50cal victory and his 68cal victory. [youtube][/youtube] If your short on … Read More

Mythbusters plays paintball – Let it rip!

On a recent episode of the popular Discovery show, Mythbusters, Adam Savage built a remote-controlled, hood-mounted gun for a project called Spy Car 2. Read on to find out what gun was used and to view the segment that aired on Discovery.

g6r paintball gun 2012

New Paintball Gun – G6R 2012

Bob Long is preparing to launch his 2012 version of the G6R Paintball gun. A video surfaced on youtube highlighting the new Frenzy OLED board with what looks to be a joy stick based controller. The joy stick controller was … Read More