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PRO Paintball Team Rumors, Part 2

PRO Paintball teams across the country are working on deals for the 2011 season. Read on as we share the latest paintball news & gossip surrounding Sacramento XSV and the Philadelphia All Americans.Read More

ProPaintball.com Wednesday Rumor Round Up

ProPaintball.com insiders report that Los Angeles Infamous are rumored to be shooting Bob Long Victory’s in 2010. Further, San Diego Dynasty are rumored to be shooting Planet Eclipse Ego’s. As of writing, these are just rumors but gun switches from both of these teams would be very interesting. Baca Loco over at View from the […]Read More

Press Release: Founders of Procaps/DraXxuS and Smart Parts Form Revolutionary

In ProPaintball.com tradition, we broke the story on Richmond’s re-entry into paintball and the subsequent rumors that he was working with the Gardner brothers. Our stories attracted the attention of GI Milsim exec’s and what follows is the official announcement, confirming our earlier reports. Richmond Italia has formed a creative union with Bill and Adam […]Read More

G.I. Milsim

Following on the heels of yesterdays announcement that Richmond Italia was getting back into paintball, we received several comments and emails suggesting that he would not be acting alone in revolutionizing the sport.  We have just learned that Richmond’s new paintball enterprise will be known as “G.I. Milsim”. Based off that juicy nugget of information […]Read More