AZPPL Event 1 2010 Scottsdale, Arizona February 20-21, 2010

azppl logoProPaintball correspondant, Tim Cerruti covered the AZPPL’s season opener for us. Read on for the latest AZPPL paintball news and event scores.

The 2 day event started Saturday with lots of cold rain, wind, and teams getting ready for the start of the season with the AZPPL. The Arizona Paintball Players League is one of the new regional series associated with the PSP and their Race 2 format. The teams played hard in their matches fighting to play in finals on Sunday.  A decent number of spectators showed up to watch the matches even in the rain. The Sidelines were filled with people yelling and screaming trying to help their favorite teams win.


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AZPPL 2010 Official Information & Schedule

azppl logoJay from pro paintball team Scottsdale Elevation has released the AZPPL 2010 update. Inside there are several important updates including changes to the format, news on NXL ref’s joining the league, introduction of a premier division, and the unveiling of the 2010 schedule. We are proud to announce that this update introduces a new element of our site, the AZPPL section of We will be increasing our coverage for the AZPPL in 2010 season and those to come.

Take my word for it folks, North American Paintball is about to get real interesting! We are proud to present the official release for the Arizona Paintball Players League.

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