St. Louis Avalanche 2010 Pro Paintball Jersey

We spotted world renown pro paintball player Billy Bernacchia roaming around the Surf City Open today. Billy, an Eclipse E-Mortal, is playing with St. Louis Avalanche for the 7-man pro series and VICIOUS for X-ball. Billy was kind enough to … Read More

Avalanche 2010 Pro Paintball Roster

This year, pro paintball team St. Louis Avalanche has several returning players. They will be rocking Planet Eclipse markers with prophecy paintball loaders, empire goggles and jerseys, guerilla air tanks, NXE Paintball harness and NXE elevation series paintball pants, GXG … Read More

Sacramento XSV adds to the roster

We’ve received word from Pro Paintball insiders that Sacramento XSV has added players to both the PSP and NPPL rosters. Read on for official confirmation as well as a few words from Rich Telford and Junior Brown.

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NPPL Surf City Open 2010 Pro Paintball Predictions

Pro Paintball teams from across the nation will be battling it out this weekend in Huntington Beach, CA. As this is the season opener, nearly anything can happen. Last year we witnessed several shockers including series leader DC Arsenal losing … Read More