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HyBrid Foto Partners with PROpaintball.com: Full European Coverage in 2013

PROpaintball.com has our sights set overseas.. We’re going international in 2013!
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HyBrid Foto (Sweden) is a veteran media presence in European paintball, with over a decade of on-field experience spent behind the lens. Perusing their portfolio takes you on a digital “Euro-trip” to every corner of the continent where paintball can be found. Their expansive library of photos and videos reflects owner Ami Helge’s passion for the game, and her commitment to grow the sport by cooperatively partnering with teams and companies who share that goal. Let’s hear from her on what’s ahead for HyBrid Foto and PROpaintball.com:

“This season is going to be amazing for us.  We are very excited to be partnering up with PROpaintball.com to share European paintball action with the rest of the paintball world. We are finishing up our project with Konstantin Fedorov very soon (its been a 1.5yr process). Of course, HyBrid Foto will be at all the Millennium events as well as the Champions Paintball Series.  We’ll be heading back to Russia for a few events of the Golden Ring series as well as Moscow’s Big Paintball Maneuvers–one of the world’s largest big-game scenario events.  Other stops in the works will be announced through PROpaintball.com, our Facebook, our Website, and Paintball X3 Euro. In addition to all the event coverage, we are the media and PR source for Art Chaos Moscow, and plan on expanding our list of ‘factory covered’ teams for 2013.

For the past 14 years I have done nothing but live and breathe paintball. Now, through working with companies and cooperative partners, WE are making a significant difference in paintball by fueling its growth one photo and video at a time. I am very excited to be working with PROpaintball.com, as well as our cooperative media photographers around the world (Helen Grose, Michael Mohr, and Dillard Stephens + more to come this season).  All of our video media will be featured on both PROpaintball.com’s own YouTube channel, as well as HyBrid Foto’s (check it out here to get a feel for what’s ahead).”
For all teams interested in media coverage through HyBrid Foto/PROpaintball.com..
Email: Ami@hybrid-foto.com, Pat@PROpaintball.com
PROpaintball.com will be showcasing some of HyBrid Foto’s Millennium/CPS videos this weekend.. Here’s a sample gallery of their top-notch photography to get you by:

Throwback Theatre: Election Tribute

So the popular vote was cast, electoral college decided, Obama’s term is extended, and pot is legal in two states.. Did I miss anything? To stay in the spirit of the week, Throwback-Theatre-Thursday jumps in on the madness of political frenzy.

This week we’re offering up three clips that all fall on election years: 2000, 2004, 2008. While there are many candidates in the sea of YouTube footy, these three steal the vote.

2000: Legendary players from Avalanche and Aftershock take to the trenches in this clip from NPPL Pittsburgh. Old school footage is like politics, finding stuff worth paying attention to requires sifting through a mess of unwatchable (or unlistenable) tripe. This clip is no “talking point”; its got substance. High quality video, names on jerseys that should be in a hall-of-fame, and a hell of a bunkering at the 2:06 mark.

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2004: Traumahead Sportz was more of a Czar than a President in the paintball media world. They ruled with an uncontested iron fist for many a year. If this clip from PSP Chicago 2004 doesn’t get you stoked on paintball, put down yer gun and play laser-tag. Appearances from Lasoya, Dynasty’d Lang, an OG HK squad and pro teams shooting Karnivores. This is the kind of video that unifies a [Pb]nation.

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2008: NPPL Jacksonville live-and-direct from the crumbling pavement of the Jag’s stadium. Taking less than desirable things, wrapping them up in something pretty, and selling them to the people. Some beautiful footage and great editing paint an elegant picture of J-Ville. Clip includes match footy from the likes of M.O.D. and THE “Dream Team”, one-on-one battles from Dynasty and Infamous heads, and a cameo from none other than Marcus “The Carcass” Nielson aka “Dank the Tank.” Enjoy.

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Many minutes of good paintball worthy of discussion. So stop the political bickering, and sound off!

PSP Chicago Open Paintball Photographs – SkipsPics

Today we bring to you, some more pictures from the 2011 PSP Chicago Open. These pictures were supplied by the awesome crew over at SkipsPics.com (Skip Hickey and Jon Michael)
. Make sure to check them out and contact them if you are interesting in hiring them at the next event!

Also, if you’re interested in purchasing some pictures from the event, use the EXCLUSIVE Propaintball discount code “ProPaintball” to save 15% on your order!

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Which photographs are your favorites? Share them in the comments below!

Phoenix Feature by Matt Dawson


Without further adue, ProPaintball.com is proud to introduce action sports photographer Matt Dawson and his 2009 Phoenix magazine special feature. Prepared to be blown away as Matt brings a fresh perspective on professional paintball photography and event coverage. This is a MUST SEE! Check it out @ MattDPhoto.com.

Moving and shaking: Industry Edition

Great American Paintball is considering closing up shop. Shrinking profit margins, small distribution network and slow business.

Trying not to miss out on the internet, Face Full finally begins the transition its publication online. The market place seems to be heating up and all the big players (or whats left of them) seem to be getting involved. PGi’s very own Welt will be releasing a new edition shortly with an official an announcement coming soon. With PGi going all digital, Jason Manning is sure to be up to something with the new issue. We’ve heard JuJu Brown spoke with Aftermath owner Mike Hinman and a few other things, but we don’t wanna steal their thunder. Expect the new edition sometime this week..

The Patent and Trademark wars will be returning to the news soon. We’ve heard rumors that several new lawsuits are being readied and aimed at hopper and gun manufactures for 2009. We can’t say much beyond keep your eyes peeled.

The battle for the Pulse has reportedly come to a close. Rumors have surfaced that a deal has been reached and the super fast RF hopper is being prepared for a re-release. Pulse 2 @ cup? Go see for yourselves.

NPPL Championship Paintball

Back Cover of PB2X

At last, the paintball game we have all been waiting for, NPPL Breakout 2009! Activision-Blizzard have teamed up with the NPPL, Team Dynasty, and Bob Long (Ironmen/BLAST fame) to produce the best paintball video game yet! A bit of background, Acti-Blizzard was the publishing arm behind WXG’s Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball series and the company has since redesigned the title from scratch and created a very impressive game. The official release date for NPPL Championship Paintball, 2009 is November 19th.


NPPL Championship Paintball on XBOX 360

NPPL Championship Paintball on XBOX 360

From the back cover of PB2X magazine we noted the cover featured a photo of a Dynasty player utilizing sponsored gear from JT-USA & Smart Parts. Recently we learned that Bob Long was merely a consultant on the game and was not going to be featured in the game (ala the Madden series from rival Electronic Arts).


The official press release has tons off juicy details:

SANTA MONICA, CA –October, 17 2008 – Load up the hopper, lower the mask, and take cover for the most realistic next-generation paintball game ever as Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announces NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) Championship Paintball 2009. This officially licensed title is coming in late 2008 for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment systems, and Wii™.

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 will feature multiple game modes, officially-licensed gear, and authentic tournament locations and field layouts from the NPPL, the Millennium European Paintball Series, and the XPSL. Players can perfect their skills as they progress from a rookie to pro in career mode and take on the best paintball teams in the world, or get online for an adrenaline rush of intense, cutthroat multiplayer action.

“NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 captures the raw intensity of hardcore paintball in this new breed of extreme sports / first person action entertainment,” Dave Oxford, Activision Publishing. “The game represents our ongoing commitment to the sport and our goal to create the most realistic, competitive experience possible.”

With in-depth design consultation by Team Dynasty and Bob Long, the title will make players feel like they are on the field with motion-captured player movements such as slides, dives, and snapping and leading-edge ballistics that affect the paintballs’ trajectory. The game will also feature unique woodsball-based gameplay modes.

Ryan Greenspan of the world champion San Diego Dynasty paintball team said, “We’ve gotten to play the game quite a few times along the way, and it is definitely the best paintball game we’ve ever played. The graphics are amazing, it’s lots of fun, and super realistic. The beautiful thing is that people are going have an absolute blast playing it from the most hardcore paintball junkies to those who might never have even tried the sport. The breadth of its appeal is huge.”

More information is available at www.activision.com


Gotcha! NPPL Championship puts you into the game!

Gotcha! NPPL Championship puts you into the game!


At launch, NPPL Breakout 2009 will offer support for all of the next gen systems including; XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, and Nintendo

Magazine Photo Credit: Wonka