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Dye 2011 Pro Jerseys

New gear from Dye keeps rolling out. Yesterday we saw the DM11 and 2011 NT and now the Ton Tons, Nexus, Naughty Dogs, Ironmen, and Damage have new Jerseys. We are still on clear if any of the teams will be wearing the new gear tomorrow.

New England Hurricanes Sign With Dye Precision

Dye Announced today the New England Hurricanes signed a multi-year contract to use Dye gear for the 2010 season and at least 2011. This will put the Hurricanes in C10 pants and jerseys as well as using the new Dye NT paintball gun. This year has been a major rebuilding year for the Hurricanes, they have picked up many news …

New DYE NT team paintball guns

Last year in October at the PSP World Cup in Polk City, FL, DYE Precision offered a program allowing teams to get the full experience of the new 2010 NT markers. Now that the guns are fluently on the map, its about that time that we start seeing all the custom laser engraved and team edition guns hit the stands …

DYE Paintball gets rocked by a mudslide

PBNation user BMXER225 spotted news coverage of a recent mudslide in the San Diego area. From the sounds of it, there was an accident in which a driver crashed into a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant unleashed thousands of gallons of water into the surrounding hillside and eventually caused a mudslide . DYE is headquartered at the bottom of the …

Dye NT Experience, Live from PSP World Cup 2009

So check it, I’m here at the dye booth at cup and they are running a really cool program known as the “NT Experience”. Basically your paintball team can sign up to use a team set of the new NT paintball guns during one of your matches, free of charge, and along with the new guns comes a personal dye … Exclusive: DYE DM10 & NT10

Mentioned in our earlier post – DYE has plans to release a gun at the Paintball Extravaganza this next month. DYE plans to release two new guns and a 2nd Rotor. [Updated]

DYE to Release New Gun

Paintball gear heads have been eagerly anticipating if and when the rumored DYE marker will be unveiled. Credible sources indicate that the newest Dye paintball gun, the DM10, is scheduled to debut at the PB Extravaganza September 15-18, 2009 in Atlanta, GA. Each year paintball’s newest additions are typically released at the world cup trade show and as such we have been …