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London Nexus New Beginnings "Welcome to our kingdom" Episode 3


Jason Wheeler of DYE sponsored London Nexus (Team Page) dropped us a line to inform us that the latest episode of New Beginnings was available to view online. This new, 2-part episode features playing footage and raw, uncensored commentary following the team down their road to the finals in the Campaign Cup held in their home turf of London.
Watch Part 1

YouTube Preview Image


Watch Part 2

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New England Hurricanes Sign With Dye Precision

Dye Announced today the New England Hurricanes signed a multi-year contract to use Dye gear for the 2010 season and at least 2011. This will put the Hurricanes in C10 pants and jerseys as well as using the new Dye NT paintball gun. This year has been a major rebuilding year for the Hurricanes, they have picked up many news players this year, and are looking to gain experience and chemistry this year. Dye is sponsoring a lot of teams this year from all over the world. With teams like the Ironmen, and Damage picking up the Hurricanes only adds to Dye impressive line up of teams.

Team Owners,  Jeff Stein:
“The Hurricanes are rolling the dice this year, taking a lot of big risks by picking up young and untested players while watching the bulk of our professional roster move on. We are starting fresh and there is no guarantee of success. What makes all of this even more gratifying is that DYE, who is at the pinnacle of both the sport and the industry, believes in us and is willing to bet on our future success and us. We are very excited to represent DYE, their products and their principles and hope we live up to their reputation for excellence.”

New DYE NT team paintball guns

dye_logoLast year in October at the PSP World Cup in Polk City, FL, DYE Precision offered a program allowing teams to get the full experience of the new 2010 NT markers. Now that the guns are fluently on the map, its about that time that we start seeing all the custom laser engraved and team edition guns hit the stands as the 2010 season opener is merely 3 weeks from now in Phoenix. With that being said, here’s your first look at all the brand new editions to the NT family: Continue reading

DYE Paintball gets rocked by a mudslide

PBNation user BMXER225 spotted news coverage of a recent mudslide in the San Diego area. From the sounds of it, there was an accident in which a driver crashed into a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant unleashed thousands of gallons of water into the surrounding hillside and eventually caused a mudslide . DYE is headquartered at the bottom of the hill and its operations are quite literaly “stuck in the mud”. Check out the news clip featuring an interview with Dave Youngblood @ SanDiego6.com.

Dye NT Experience, Live from PSP World Cup 2009

dye_logoSo check it, I’m here at the dye booth at cup and they are running a really cool program known as the “NT Experience”. Basically your paintball team can sign up to use a team set of the new NT paintball guns during one of your matches, free of charge, and along with the new guns comes a personal dye tech who will be there in your pit to insure that your gun is professionally tuned throughout your match. Sign ups start at 1pm PST and they are limited in their availability, so hurry up.

For those of you who have not heard of DYE’s newest paintball gun, the NT, be sure to check out our exclusive video footage and product information.

DYE to Release New Gun

dye_logoPaintball gear heads have been eagerly anticipating if and when the rumored DYE marker will be unveiled. Credible sources indicate that the newest Dye paintball gun, the DM10, is scheduled to debut at the PB Extravaganza September 15-18, 2009 in Atlanta, GA. Each year paintball’s newest additions are typically released at the world cup trade show and as such we have been asking ourselves why DYE would jump the gun. After talking it over with our industry sources, we believe DYE may be debuting the marker early in hopes of insuring a steady supply in time for the Christmas season.

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