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Chris LaSoya to Infamous, it's official

Last week ProPaintball broke the rumor that Chris Lasoya had left Aftershock and joined back up with his former team, LA Infamous. According to a news release from Empire Paintball, the deal has been finalized and Chris will be putting down his EGO and picking up an AXE.

Chris Lasoya playing pro paintball with LA Infamous

Good news for LA Infamous fans! Chris LaSoya will be returning to the LA Infamous team for the remainder of the 2011 season. Chris has been playing at the top level of paintball since the beginning of the 90′s. Rising through the ranks he has won almost every tournament there is to win throughout his career. For most of that time, Chris played with the same guys on Infamous. Well, after a long hiatus, Chris is returning to his friends and family and the place he loves to call home, LA Infamous and Empire Paintball.

“I can’t explain how happy I am to be able to get back to my roots and with the guys I grew up with and some of the new blood on the team. They have a real solid team that I’m a part of again, and really glad to be here. Since sponsors started to put the lock down on where we could play I have been moving around from team to team, but now I can get back to where my heart is. I am looking forward to the rest of this year for sure!”, says Chris.

Chris will return to LA Infamous for the remainder of the 2011 season. Good luck to the team with another star player added to the roster.


ProPaintball Rumor Report

This weeks ProPaintball report features the latest paintball news and gossip from Portland Uprising, Chicago Aftershock, LA Infamous, San Antonio X-Factor, Breakout Spa, and others.

  • Bear Degidio of Hollywood HK is rumored to be making his pro debut with Indianapolis Mutiny at the Chicago NPPL event.
  • In a follow up to our Chicago Aftershock update, ProPaintball insiders suggest that Chris Lasoya and Aftershock have parted ways. According to insiders, Chris has signed on with LA Infamous to play the remainder of the 2011 season.
  • Mykel Kovar and Grayson Goff from San Antonio X-Factor are playing the Millennium Bitburg event with Breakout Spa.
  • Jason Bornstein of Oakland BLAST is still recovering from his shoulder surgery. According to sources, his recovery was pushed back another 6+ weeks.
  • Hollywood HK will be sitting out Chicago NPPL. The HK crew is at CPX this week playing paintball and hosting a clinic.
  • AJ Trillet is rumored to have left Avalanche and signed on with Chicago Legend to compete in the NPPL 7-man series.

Event Wrap-up: NCPA National Championships 2011

College Paintball: University of Tennessee Volunteers

College Paintball: University of Tennessee Volunteers


Sunday brought closure to another successful (and hot) NCPA National Championship, and with it came a new set of victors. In all, 78 teams competed within three divisions, with this year marking the first inclusion of the high school finals along with the traditional A and AA collegiate series. The hype surrounding the event was high and the attendance reflected that. It’s apparent that with the growth of the league (this year marked the largest NCPA Championship in history) has come a new sense of competitive intensity, as teams realize the high level of prestige and exposure that the NCPA has been able to retain amongst a faltering industry. With three days of play concluded, results per division are as follows:

College Paintball: Cal State University- Long Beach 49ers

College Paintball: Cal State University- Long Beach 49ers

College XBall (Class A):

  1. University of Tennessee Volunteers
  2. Cal State University- Long Beach 49ers
  3. University of Connecticut Huskies
  4. Liberty University Flames

College RaceTo-2 (Class AA):

  1. U. at Buffalo Bulls Blue
  2. Western Michigan Broncos
  3. Southern Connecticut State Owls
  4. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

High School RaceTo-2 (3-man)

  1. Grayslake North Knights
  2. The Lancers
  3. G.E.C.A.
  4. Hanover Indians

The NCPA continued their tradition of offering a “high profile” experience at the tournament, streaming real time matches for free over the internet and returning the Fox Sports broadcasting group for the 7th consecutive year to cover the finals match. An all-star cast of paintball celebrities including Matty Marshall, Oliver Lang and Chris Lasoya were on hand to assist in adding color and commentary to the broadcasts. According to the NCPA’s website, Fox’s event coverage will air nationally sometime during June on Fox College Sports and will eventually be available on Hulu.com as well. In the meantime, check out a sample of Mike Deep’s extensive photography collection from the event here.

GI Sports Imperial Paintball Program

Steve Rabackoff from GI Sports sent over a note regarding the new Imperial paintball program from GI Sports. After pro paintball teams Russian Legion and Chicago Aftershock dominated the 2010 PSP World Cup with GI Sports Imperial paintballs, GI decided to produce more of the specially formulated paintballs and release them to their sponsored teams. Typically paint manufactures are very tight with their premium special formula paintballs, but the former pro paintball players running GI Sports understand that players want to shoot the best. With that in mind, Lasoya, Opie, and Rabackoff from GI Sports decided to open up the gates to divisional paintball teams. Better yet, Steve let us know that GI Sports is offering to pay for the paintball bill at PSP Galveston Open for the 1st and 2nd place winners. What do you need to do to qualify? Shoot GI Sports paintballs throughout the PSP Galveston event, place a sticker on your hopper, and be using a paintball gun from either DYE Precision, Bob Long, or Mac Dev. Pretty easy right?

Check out the image below for the full details;

Paintball News & Rumor Report

This week’s paintball news and rumor report features the latest news and gossip on DYE Snow, Seattle Thunder, DC Arsenal, San Francisco Explicit, Chattanooga CEP, Tampa Bay Damage and Hollywood HK.

  • Mikko Huttunen (website) from the Los Angeles Ironmen will be missing the PSP season opener. ProPaintball insiders suggest he will be unveiling the DYE SNOW brand at a major snowboard event that same weekend.
  • Seattle Thunder gets sponsored by Critical Paintball. They will be using the Critical 100 gram barrel on their Alien paintball guns and Critical Stealth packs to carry their paint.
  • Damian Ryan is playing with TKO at PSP Galveston. After the event Damian is said to be joining Chattanooga CEP for the remainder of the PSP pro paintball circuit.
  • San Francisco Explicit has picked up Sacramento XSV’s Patrick Slattery and will be continuing with the same roster of guys from NPPL Vegas.
  • Pro Paintball insiders indicate that Tampa Bay Damage has picked up Tyler Harmon (BLAST) and Dave Baines (DC Arsenal) for PSP Galveston.
  • Several players from LA Infamous will be playing 7-man paintball with other teams. Bobby Aviles is said to be playing with Chicago Legend. Zack Wake, Kali Rudolph and Justin Schwarz will be playing with the newly minted DC Arsenal. With that in mind the team only has 6 infamous players for the NPPL 7-man pro paintball series. According to Pro Paintball insiders, Chris Lasoya will be playing with Los Angeles Infamous at the NPPL Surf City Open and filling in the 7th spot.
  • Chris DeSignor who retired from professional paintball is said to be shining his shoes and returning to the paintball field with DC Arsenal for 2011.
  • Steven Pitts, Paul Katic, Heath Hoeper and a few other players are said to be playing with Hollywood HK at Huntington Beach Open.
  • Critical Wrecking Crew was picked up by Empire Paintball. CWC will be shooting the Empire AXE, wearing head to toe Empire paintball gear and shooting RPS paintballs. The team has picked up 3 players from Rockstar Factory: Travis Carl, KM, and Edwin Dolgopyat and will be bumping up to Division 1.

Pro Team Update: Chicago Aftershock

The 2011 paintball season marks Chicago Aftershock’s  20th anniversary. The staff at ProPaintball would like to congratulate the team on their long and successful reign on the pro paintball circuit. Congratulations Aftershock!

Aftershock History:
In 1991, Chicago Aftershock was formed by combining the Lords of Discipline and Scream, two teams that were feared by the competition. According to sources familiar with LOD, feared was an understatement. Several members of LOD eventually earned a lifetime ban for fighting on the paintball field. You did not want to mess with those guys. The first two years of the teams existence were rough, but in 1993 the team added pro paintball all-stars Danny Love and Mike Bruno. The combination of time, energy and talent worked well for Aftershock and once again the team was a force to reckon with. Aftershock would go on to win more NPPL 10-man events and more 10-man World Cups than any other team in paintball history. Further Chicago Aftershock history can be found on their website.

During the 2009/10 off season, Aftershock was knee deep in the rebuilding process. The team added several notable players to the roster including Tim Montressor, Stephen “Son” Dabilis, Sam Monville, and Greg Sewiers. The team started the season off on a high note, placing 3rd in Phoenix, 2nd at the World Cup and 5th overall in the PSP’s 2011 season.

Going forward:
In 2011, Chicago Aftershock has decided to return to the teams roots. In addition to the PSP, Chicago Aftershock will be competing in the NPPL. In addition, the team will be competing in Ultimate Woods-ball events with former members of the Aftershock program.

Several former AfterShock players will be returning home to compete in 2011. Pro players Chris LasoyaAdam Farej and AJ Lawhead will once again be representing Aftershock on the pro field. Pro Paintball insiders suggest additional pick ups are underway. The team will be lead by Aftershock alumni Renick Miller and Jeremy Salm.

Planet Eclipse will be releasing a 2011 Chicago Aftershock EGO/GEO that the team will be shooting exclusively. Chicago Aftershock will be utilizing the GI Sports Imperial Paintballs to mark their opponents, and wearing Sly Profit Goggles, Aftershock jerseys by S2 Customs and Exalt Paintball Cleats. For those in the Mid-West region, Shock will be practicing at both the Badlandz field in Chicago, IL and Paintball Plex in Laotto, IN.

Photo of Aftershock in Camo by John Amodea/PaintballX3

College Paintball back on TV!

NCPA back on TV!

The NCPA has long been the most consistently televised paintball league, with their National Championship airing on CSTV (now CBS College Sports) in 2005 and 2006 and Fox College Sports in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  The NCPA broadcast was extended to Fox Sports Net, the same channel that broadcast “Beyond the Paint”, for 2009 and 2010.  In 2009 the NCPA also secured broadband distribution on Hulu.com, the internet TV portal owned by News Corp, Disney and Comcast, where Fox, ABC and NBC stream all of their Prime Time television programming.  Starting last year the NCPA extended coverage again with a live broadcast of the entire 3-day event on Fox Broadband, including over 20 hours of content, which received a great response from viewers.

We’ve learned that the NCPA National Championships will be extending their streak into 2011 with a live broadcast April 15th through 17th and a filmed Championship show premiering later in June.  Pro Paintball players Matty Marshall, Oliver Lang, Chris Lasoya, Kevin “Catfish” Arcilla and Rocky Cagnoni, who received great reviews in the NCPA’s 2010 broadcast, are all slated to return.

If you can’t wait until April, you can catch the past three years of the NCPA Championship on Hulu.com.

2010 National Collegiate Paintball Championships on FCS/Hulu.com

Chris Lasoya's ST RIPPER Nano 50

After we spoke with Chris Lasoya about the new 50cal Nano paintball gun at the 2009 World Cup and unveiled he had switched from DYE paintball guns to GI MilSim, we figured it was only a matter of time until the “pony boy” got his own custom ST Ripper. From the looks of the following graphic that arrived in our email, we guessed right. We anticipate that Chris Lasoya will be debuting his ST RIPPER Nano 50 at the PSP Phoenix Open. Congrats Chris!