Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Gun Review

Paintball lovers and all planet eclipse GTEK reviews have been raving about the Planet Eclipse 170R, and it is hard not to see why. The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R, an upgrade from its predecessor, the GTEK 160R, comes with many great features. A great choice for amateur or intermediate paintball players. The paintball gun is definitely setting the standard when it comes to offering quality features at a fraction of the price.

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Though it is not too far off from the GTEK 160R, the 170R does feature one major change that makes the paintball experience much more enjoyable. Read on for our complete Planet Eclipse GTEK Review.

Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Marker SilverBlack


  • Tournament level build
  • Lowrise feedneck
  • Gamma core drivetrain
  • Hoseless air system

What makes it different from the Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R?

The major change is that the planet eclipse GTEK 170R does not have the Air Transfer Pipe, which takes air from the tank to the regulator. Instead, the regulator is located in the trigger frame. This means that your mid-range marker looks and feels like a top-end tournament paintball gun.

Additionally, the planet eclipse GTEK 160R uses a curved trigger, while the planet eclipse GTEK 170R comes with a Blade Trigger.

Key Features


The design of the planet eclipse GTEK 170R is really great with its stream-lined milling. The presence of the slick blade trigger allows for a four-way adjustment which feels quite great in your hands. Another really great feature is that you no longer have to unscrew the ASA to de-gas the paintball marker from your air routing system. Now, a simple click is enough. This is quite handy, especially after a long day of play.

The GTEK 170R bolt system allows for the shooting of brittle paintballs in cold conditions or during a high-end tournament level. It operates at a very low 135 psi. However, it is important to note that the paintball marker only operates on Compressed air or High Pressure. It does not work with CO2.

The design of the 170R is mostly made of aircraft aluminum, making it more durable and sturdy. This also means that it has a longer life span than its predecessor, planet eclipse GTEK 160R. The aluminum allows the front and trigger frame grip to better structure, giving the paintball gun a stronger feel.

Efficiency and Reliability

The Planet eclipse GTEK paintball company is known for its unrivaled reliability, shot quality/shooting performance, and ergonomics, all at a great price. Originally the series exposed the paintball industry to the gamma core drive train and paintball bolt system. The bolt system was considered to be extremely reliable, efficient, and quiet. Due to the gamma core drive train, the paintball gun produces a low-key sound signature when firing. You can be sure that your hiding spot won’t be compromised.

The GTEK spool valve marker uses breech sensing technology, which allows the firing chamber to be covered in mid-shot, hence saving you plenty of valuable air. This feature comes in handy when it is time to refill as you will not lag behind like other players who might have to stop to refill their gas tanks. The GTEK allows you to keep going while in the play zone and also allows for a stellar performance.

Easy to clean and service

The 170R is easy to clean and service. All you need to do is remove the eye corners and the best part is that you can actually do this without the screws. Changing the battery and gamma core system (bolt) removal is also quite easy.

The 9-volt battery has been taken out of the grip frame and is now in the fore grip making the 170R’s regulator adjustable at the bottom of the grip frame.


The omission of the AT makes the 170R paintball guns lighter and a lot more flexible in terms of handling of the guns due to the allowance for a tighter profile. The 170R comes with a standard auto-cocker thread shaft 4 barrel with a stock 68.9 bore.


The eclipse 170R paintball gun features a hoseless design and tool-less accessibility to change batteries. To access the 9 Volt battery, one must pull down the front rubber grip. The batteries are protected in an enclosed plastic frame.

More Comfort

The paintball gun comes with a clamping feed neck, ensuring that the hopper remains compact and tight. The rubber grips are well-positioned on the frame, allowing for more comfort when handling the paintball gun.

Additional features

One of the best qualities of the Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R paintball gun is that for a mid-range marker, not only does it have high-performance features, but it also comes with quite a number of great accessories that can make you enjoy your paintball gun more.  

The paintball gun works well even after being stored in low-temperature conditions. This means that the gun still delivers a great performance and is durable even when exposed to high-pressure conditions or amounts of stress. The downside is that the GTEK 170R paintball guns are not fully protected against factory issues. Hence if your gun has a defect, especially the stretch poison color design, there isn’t much that can be done.

The GTEK 170R comes with a Blade Trigger which is 4-way adjustable.

The OLED plate is an excellent addition to the GTEK 170R, making it a great and useful choice among pro paintable players. The OLED board makes it easier to change the settings and check the battery level.

Once again, the Planet Eclipse GTEK paintball guns series has delivered in terms of reliability, high performance, efficiency, and quality. Overall, this is a great choice if looking for a paintball gun that delivers high-performance features without breaking the bank.