Official Flyer - World Cup Asia 2009

World Cup Asia has come to a successful end. Even after a bit of rain over 60 teams competed from 12 countries! On Malayasian turf, 30 teams from the host country participated as well as 32 other international teams. Joy Division came and participated in play against the Division 1 teams, also a showing from big industry names including but not limited to: DYE, KEE, Planet Eclipse, JT USA, Sup Air, Smart Parts, DLX(SP), & Spyder/Kingman. Media coverage came on behalf of FaceFull and Action Persuit Games!

Watch out USA – the International leagues are growing!


1st: Team Infernal from Thailand
2nd:Team MacDev Ronin from Malaysia
3rd: Team Xtioneer from Malaysia
4th: Team SWAT from Australia


1st: Team Real Pinoy from the Philippines
2nd:Team WASP Black from Australia
3rd: Team Killer Beez from Malaysia
4th: Team Iron Sea from Malaysia


1st: Team Johor Pirates from Malaysia
2nd:Team Romeoz from Malaysia
3rd: Team Undeath from Malaysia
4th: Team D’Mercy Kids from Malaysia

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