propaintball-iconAs is typical during the holidays, many in the paintball community are taking well deserved time off. However, prior to the holiday break there have been a few interesting developments making the rounds. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors.

Sly Equipment was rumored in the chatbox to be out of business. After noticing that was offline we placed a phone call into the corporate office. The rep picked up on the second ring and assured us that Sly is not going anywhere. They went on to explain that they were experiencing technical difficulties with their website and have been working to resolve them in time for their 2010 product launch. If you need to place an order, feel free to contact Sly directly; +1.949.200.7348.

We heard that X-Factor tryouts went well. Word is that San Antonio X-Factor has selected 16 players to move onto the second round of tryouts. Inquisitive minds have been trying to figure out who exactly were in attendance. While we were not able to get our hands on the official roster, we do know that several Texas Storm and Justice League players were in attendance. Also playing at the field that day was former X-Factor player Archie Montemayor. Rest assured Dynasty fans, he was playing in head to toe Dynasty gear and planned on keeping it that way.

As rumored last week, the NPPL owners committee held a telephone conference. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the 2009 budget and financial statement as well as the leagues 2010 strategy. We also learned that the new NPPL gun committee had met the day prior to discuss the leagues rate of fire and gun penalties.

As we inch closer and closer to the 2010 season, players, teams and sponsors alike have been itching for one another to start releasing information. For all intents and purposes, everyone has been sitting in a holding pattern, and most everyone is waiting for someone else to make a decision.

In short summary, the problem pro paintball teams are currently experiencing is that they are waiting on sponsorships to decide what series they will be competing in. The leagues on the other hand are waiting for their sponsorships before they make any announcements, and the sponsors (read: pb industry) are waiting for the leagues to make announcements before they decide what teams and leagues they will be supporting.