UPDATED: New Paintball Gun – Angel FLY SB

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ProPaintball insiders suggest a new paintball gun by ANGEL Paintball Sports is scheduled for the release in the next 24-48 hours. The Fly SB as it will be known, features a sealed breach (remember how your Angel bolt would flip out to the right hand side for cleaning?), as well as a long list of other improvements noted below.

angel fly sb paintball gun

angel fly sb paintball gun side profile

The Fly SB paintball gun feature list:

  • Shoots over 2000 rounds per tank
  • Super gas efficient and consistent
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Comes with the new D-lite exhaust valve stem made from a durable, lightweight polymer material.
  • Comes with the Booster bolt 2 to ensure gas is pre-delivered to cushion the ball and prevent breakages.
  • Comes with the new STR Ram – which has a new bore design and lighther hammer to make this ram the most air efficient angel ram to date.
  • Full colour, super clear, OLED board with preset modes – Millennium, PSP, Semi, Auto, Demo and Custom
  • Easy adjust asa with on/off
  • Clamping no rise, feed tube
  • Ultra low profile
  • Easy body styling – the SB no longer has the breech block (same as the ark)

The SB will be available in Black, Red, British Racing Green and Blue.
The retail on the Black SB will be €845,
The retail on the other colours will be €875