WCPPL Releases New Website

wcpplsiteThe WCPPL is alive and kicking! Throughout the offseason, Mike Hinman (SD Aftermath) has been hard at work to insure that the western region players have a worth while league to compete in. His new league, the WCPPL, has pulled out all the stops to insure cheap entry and serious CASH prizes. The WCPPL will run a 5 event series throughout California in 2009. Just last week the series hosted a very successful affiliate at Dave Baines (Russian Legion) Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento, CA. This week, the Western 7-man league is officially unveiling the official West Coast Paintball Players League website, so be sure to check it out! Prizes are stacked for this league with official reports indicating the Division 4 Series Champs will be awarded 7 DLX Luxe’s valued at over $10,000.00 cash (to be given in addition to the event cash prize). The WCPPL will announce prizes for D3, D2, and Amateur Series Champs very soon, and from the sound of things, everyone participant will benefit!

The WCPPL is pulling out the stops and offering fat cash prizes for WCPPL podium teams:

Over 10,000.00 dollars in prizes

Intermediate Guaranteed
1st 4,000.00 Cash
2nd 2,000.00 Cash
3rd 1,000.00 Cash
4th 500.00 Cash

1st 6,000.00 Cash
2nd 3,000.00 Cash
3rd 1,500.00 Cash
4th 750.00 Cash

Am/Semi Pro (8 team min)
1st 5,000.00 Cash
2nd 2,500.00 Cash
3rd 1,250.00 Cash
4th 625.00 Cash

With the first event already under their belt and serious prizes for competing teams, the WCPPL is off to a great start!