WCPPL Event 3 Paintball News, Rumors & Schedules

The West Coast Paintball League’s event #3 is shaping up to be an exciting tournament. Several of the paintball teams competing in the premier division have been busy making last minute pick ups to solidify their rosters as they vie for the event title and season championship. Read on for the latest news and rumors from the WCPPL teams.

Pro paintball wcppl

San Diego Mob picks up Heath Hoeper. Heath took a few seasons off after playing pro with San Diego Aftermath in 2009.

Paintball Gateway picks up Danny Park who also played with San Diego Aftermath in 2009. Both Danny and Heath played together on Drama back in the day.

Fuzion’s Xavier Linn (dorrito player) is oddly missing in action. Alexander Borromeo and Nathan Schroeder from DBS are joining the team. In our recent interview with Mike Hinman, Xavier was singled out as a player that could easily compete on the pro level. No word yet as to why he is missing.

Poso Paintball.com has called it quits due to not enough dedicated players. The team owner was footing the bill for the team, including paint, entry, and gear and all he asked was for players to show up to practice. Free rides are few and far between these days and its really sad to see a dedicated team owner have to give up on his team due to players not appreciating how good the have it.

Davis Ambush picks up Jessie Lapid. He played with Sacramento XSV and San Francisco Explicit in 2009.

Lance Hardwick of Top Gun Union is playing with San Diego Pirates.

Come check out the WCPPL this weekend at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park and see what you are missing.

EVENT (Prelims) SCHEDULES – MasterPremierDivision 3Division 4

WHEN: Aug 27-28, 2011
PLACE: Camp Pendleton Paintball Park 
ADDRESS: 2386 Vandergrift Blvd, Oceanside, CA  92058
Camp P PHONE: (951) 323-9883

DIRECTIONS/Notes to this weekends event: Merge on 76E, Take the “College Blvd.” exit. Make a left on College Blvd, then a right on Vandegrift. Vandegrift will lead to the Camp Pendleton “San Luis Ray” Gate. From Highway 15: Merge on 76W, Take the “College Blvd.” exit. Make a right on College Blvd, then a right on Vandegrift. Vandegrift will lead to the Camp Pendleton “San Luis Ray” Gate. Once you are at the Camp Pendleton Gate: Tell the guard you are going to “The Paintball Park”. The guard will want to see your driver’s license, registration and car insurance. Once you are through the gate, go about 1 mile and you will see the paintball fields on your left. Make a left before the large MCCS Built-in Sign and follow the Paintball Signs to the Park.