FUZION wins WCPPL Event #4 by Tim Cerruti

Camp Pendleton Paintball Park on September 11th and 12th hosted Event 4 of the WCPPL. Players and teams alike eagerly awaited this event after the summer break after the league announced event #3 cancelation. Suffice to say that the wait paid off well as the weekend was full of intense paintball action; great points and hard fought matches. Fuzion and Nuskool went into Finals completely undefeated and mostly unchallenged up until their matchup. LA Hitmen and San Diego Mob’s battle for 3rd and 4th place was incredibly exciting to watch with it coming down to time for the Hitmen win. Nuskool’s final match with Fuzion was something else, a definite thrill ride. Everyone would watch eagerly to see how the match would settle and an unfortunate penalty at the end helped Fuzion get the final point they needed to win 5-4. The crowd in attendance went completely nuts, chanting Nor-Cal. Other really intense matches were the Davis Ambush vs Fuzion game, Hitmen vs Nuskool, and SD Mob vs Fuzion.

D3 winners LVPP.net played incredibly well the entire weekend all the way through finals. GS Pirates, Tombstone, and Royalty were fun to watch with some points coming down really close to the wire.

A big thanks to Mike Hinman as well as the Aftermath team and Refs for holding the event. They are facilitating the west with a strong Race-To series for West Coast paintball teams to put their skills to the test. With only one more event of the season, the Series Title for nearly all of the divisions is completely up for grabs. I am sure we will see you all next time at the series finale CAL JAM.

I hope everyone will please continue to support and represent the WCPPL. This league is a strong foundation to try and rebuild upon.

DIVISION 2 “Premier”

1st Place: Fuzion
2nd Place: Nuskool
3rd Place: LA Hitmen
4th Place: San Diego Mob

DIVISION 3 “Intermediate”

1st Place: LVPP.net
2nd Place: GS Pirates
3rd Place: Tombstone
4th Place: Royalty

DIVISION 4 “Rookie”

1st Place: Max’d Kids
2nd Place: SLC Tombstone
3rd Place: DGAF
4th Place: LA Nemesis

PUMP “Open Division”

1st Place: Check it Factory – NV- 2
2nd Place: Check it Factory – NV-1
3rd Place: Order of Seven
4th Place: LAHitmen.com

Here is a list of the Media make sure to visit these sites and support these guys, without them there would be no youtube movies, no DVD, no photos for your fidge, myspace, and facebook.

01) Mike Wise – Chrono300
02) Jeff Mercader – Titanium Sportz
03) Andrew Holtegaard – AndrewHPhoto
04) Adoflo Lara – AndrewHPhoto
05) Larry Ayonn – 1GRPhotography
06) Jacob Kajiwara – JacobKajiwara.com
07) Dan Jordan – Innerspherephoto.com
08) Phillip Baker – 1904 Photography
09) Scott Graham – Posted Productions
10) Drew Cusick – Derder
11) Jon Bires – Derder
12) Derder Rob – Derder
13) John Arquilla – Almost Famous Paintball
14) Robbo Abitia – Keepitsquare
15) Cody Haggerty – Diesel Photography
16) Matt Dawson – Mattdphoto
17) Leon Ingram – PBG Photography
18) Dylan Gordon – Dylan Gordon Photography
19) Zach Kern –MASS Media


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