WCPPL Cal Jam Paintball Event Results

WCPPL Paintball

The internet is abuzz with players talking about their recent WCPPL Cal Jam experiences. In typical WCPPL fashion, league owners Jessica and Mike Hinman pulled out all of the stops to make sure paintball players had the best possible tournament experience. In case you missed the action (or were lucky enough to have competed), ProPaintball photographer AndrewH has published over 70 high quality photos from WCPPL Cal Jam. We caught up with our friend Robert Enriquez from the Premier division winners “The Cobras” for his take-

SoCal lived up to its reputation and gave another weekend of perfect paintball weather at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park. Everyone I ran into had a positive attitude and was really stoked to be playing paintball. I seriously could not have asked for a more perfect weekend and every grade of paint that was provided by WCPPL was on point. GI Sports Imperial paintballs shot like darts! Everyone is going to have their feelings about the reffing but if you really think about it, it’s not the easiest job in the world so we should cut them some slack. I appreciate the fact that the WCPPL referees were all experienced paintball players and knew the rules of the game. Not only did we get to see old friends we made new ones and can’t wait to see them next season. -Bert from the Cobras

Cobra's Paintball team wins Cal Jam WCPPL 2011

2011 WCPPL Cal Jam Results

WCPPL Premier Paintball Division

1st Place: Cobras
2nd Place: Paintballgateway
3rd Place: San Diego Pirates
4th Place: SD Mob

WCPPL D3 Paintball Division

1st Place: Royalty
2nd Place: Coalition
3rd Place: LA Hitmen
4th Place: LVPP.net

WCPPL D4 Paintball Division

1st Place: IE Unseen
2nd Place: Fuzion 415
3rd Place: eLusive
4th Place: Az Ampd Kids


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