Virtue RF Module Released

virtuescript logoJust this past week Virtue Paintball has released their brand new line of hopper boards, most of which was of little suprise. What really caught our eye was the release of their RF module for the boards, which many of you know was originated with the PULSE loader, and has since disappeared from the marketplace (edit: with the exception of the Empire Prophecy). The RF transmitter is a module that is located both inside your hopper and on your gun board. The RF technology enables the two chips to sync and communicate via radio frequency. Basically, the signal tells the hopper to feed everytime you pull your trigger, as well as what pressure to apply to it. When initially introduced, the RF module promised to conserve battery life and control the paddle pressure on your paintballs, and this Virtue RF module should do both of those jobs well. The neat part of the Virtue module is that you will enable you to breath new life into your Halo’s, Vlocity’s and Magna hoppers. However, now that the nearly all of the premier leagues have implemented ball-per-second caps, we wonder how this technology will impact the game.

Take a look at this handy product video and leave your thoughts in the comments below!