Official Tadao relaese of their newest product line additions: the Violent Yakuza Ego 7/8 & Geo USB boards

Tadao Technologies LLC is proud to announce the release of the new Violent Yakuza Series USB Ego 7/8 & Geo boards.  Combined with the Tengu USB interface they form a unique and power platform, offering the highest performance, amazing adjustability, and customization.  As with all Tadao products, they are compatible with any of the major tournament series, including 10.5 or 12.5 bps ramping fire modes for the PSP and Millennium series.

The Yakuza Series USB Ego 7/8 and Geo boards will begin shipping March 30. They expand on the previous OLED generation by using a higher performance microcontroller and increasing the interrupt-based trigger scan rate.  New features include 0.1 bps rate of fire adjustment, extended settings ranges, 5 customizable settings profiles, and a shot counter.  A mini-B USB socket is built directly into the board, allowing you to connect it to a PC for use with the Tengu USB interface.  Additionally, the board now features both an optical trigger sensor and normal microswitch, selectable by the user in the menu system


The Tengu USB interface is a free download that will run on computers using Windows XP and Windows Vista. The graphical user interface allows you to securely update the firmware on your board, create/save/load custom boot screen images, and even adjust and save settings to and from your board’s active settings or 5 additional settings profiles.

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