Video: Randy Bocelli Accident

randyRandy Bocelli of the Adrenaline Force Tournament Series and Bring It On Paintball was involved in a serious accident on Wednesday 5/6/09. This past Monday morning, Randy had an ACI Carbon Fiber 110ci tank successfully hydro tested at 5000psi. These older ACI tanks have required an adapter to fit the current regulators on the market, which are a bit smaller in size. The adaptor had been fastened onto the bottle, and the original regulator was then locktighted into place upon Randy’s receipt. After letting the tank sit over night, Randy proceeded to slowly fill the bottle with utmost caution early Wednesday morning. As the bottle reached approximately 27-2900psi, the fixed adaptor stripped out from the bottle. The regulator still attached to the hose, snapped around and hit Randy in the stomace, while the bottle bounced off of his chest and proceeded to fly across the room and take out the wire shelving you see in the left side of the screen.

We’re thankful that Randy is alright after such a serious accident. This accident serves as an excellent opportunity to remind everyone to insure your tanks are regularly hydro tested and your regulators and valve systems are properly secured to your bottles.