Video of the Day: XSV & Extreme Paintball make the Morning News

Todays paintball video of the day features Sacramento XSV and the Good Morning Sacramento morning talk show. The crew from Good Morning Sacramento appears to have tired of their morning coffee routine and takes a few minutes to learn about the game of paintball. The 3 minute clip features Gina Telford of Sacramento XSV at the teams very own “Extreme Paintball” store in Modesto, CA. This is is a great publicity stunt for the sport of paintball, the pro paintball team Sacramento XSV and definitely serves as a great introduction for everyone that tuned in. Hopefully we will see some new paintball players as a result!

Readers, we have a pop quiz! Who is the mystery man behind the gun at 2:48-3:12? First one to name him gets a handful of our new Pro Paintball stickers!

Update: As guessed by Kyle Tokle, Junior Brown of Sacramento XSV was the man behind the gun. Mr. Tokle is the lucky winner and will receive a Pro Paintball supporters package. If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! Things are only just starting to heat up and we will be giving lots of cool stuff away in the weeks to come. Thanks for playing!