With the recent signings on pro paintball teams, we were sure we would see a few free agents get snagged up. Team VICIOUS has just secured a major pro paintball player. Click the image below to view the official announcement.

Drew Templeton has been officially signed with VICIOUS.  Pro Paintball’s very own Gilbert Rossignol caught up with Drew Templeton who had this to say:

I’d like to say that I’m excited to play with players and an organization that is not only focused on winning, but is willing to put all the hard work in that’s needed to do so. This is the third team Ive played on that’s been coached by Greg Pauley. I’m excited to have his experience again now that I personally have some more experience, or at least more than I did back when I played with him on Diesel and Avalanche.

Congrats to Drew Templeton and VICIOUS.

Drew Templeton
Drew Templeton
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