Vicious Series Event 2 Wrap Up by Ben Johnson

Vicious Series LogoPhotographer and Paintball Player Ben Johnson was able to get the best of both sides of the field this weekend at the Vicious RaceTo Series Event #2. ProPaintball caught up with both of them following last Saturday and Sunday’s event at Metro Paintball Games in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Check out the Photo Gallery Inside
The weekend started out wet and very muddy.  Overnight Friday and into Saturday there was a considerable amount of rain, and that quickly turns into thick mud and large puddles at Metro Paintball Games.  Saturday morning the RaceTo-2 bracket started play in light to medium rain, but the heavy downpours had already passed.  The field and staging area were very wet and muddy, but the event would go on!  By mid-day the rain had cleared up, but the humidity stayed.  Temperatures were near 90F, and it was extremely humid. In the RaceTo-2 Semi-Finals Extortion faced Po Boys Wasted Talent, and AAF played against Mac Daddy All Stars.  Both matches only took 2 points with Extortion and AAF moving on to play for 1st.  In the Finals AAF won the first 2 points to take home the Event #2 1st place title, and $1,000 towards PSP Chicago entry.
Event #2 – RaceTo-2
1. AAF (MN)
2. Extortion (MO)
3. Po Boys Wasted Talent (MO)
4. Mac Daddy Allstars (NE)
The weather on Sunday was still hot, but much more manageable.  Temps were in the mid 80’s, but the humidity had dropped considerably and the rain had moved on.  Some areas of the playing field were still very wet, but the field dried up as the day went on, and most of the mud was gone by the end of the day. The RaceTo-4 Semi Finals saw DirtLife II playing New Jack City, and Aimless Factory against AIR ASSAULT PAINTBALL to see who would move on and play for the title.  Dirtlife II defeated New Jack City 4-1 to advance.  Aimless Factory came back from being down 0-2 to run out the clock and beat AIR ASSAULT PAINTBALL 3-2.  DirtLife II beat Aimless Factory 4-1 to win the Event #2 RaceTo-4 title, and $1,000 towards PSP Chicago entry.
Event #2 – RaceTo-4
1. DirtLife II (MO)
2. Aimless Factory (SD)
3. New Jack City (IA)
Greg Paulie added:
Event #2 was hot and humid. The teams were great and fought hard all day Saturay. Some really good games were played on Saturday with AAF coming out on top. Sunday was nothing less that a beautiful day no wind sunny and 80 deg. The RaceTo-4 had some awesome matches and over times. In the end the team that had been playing strong al day ended up with the win. Dirtlife2 from St Louis took home the win and only lost 2 points all day. They were winning the break out and attacking both tapes and the center of the field.
Congrats to the top four teams in each division
Photo credit: Rachel Johnson
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