VICIOUS and DSSP8NTBALL.COM are proud to bring you the 2011 VICIOUS jerseys. Produced by Style Supply and designed by VICIOUS’ own Zak Sherman,

these jerseys will exclusively be available in the United States on DSSP8NTBALL.COM and in Europe on Style Supply’s website,

VICIOUS debuted their new black/red PSP VICIOUS jerseys when they stepped onto the field during the PSP Texas event last weekend. The limited edition Texas event jerseys are almost sold out so don’t hesitate to pick one up.

Also, keeping with VICIOUS tradition the red top 4 jerseys were made. As always, this jersey is not for sale to the public and can only be worn by the team if they make it to Sunday.

With the addition of the PSP, VICIOUS is excited to play in the UWL this season. VICIOUS will don the Limited Edition Desert Camo VICIOUS jersey this weekend at the first UWL event in Nevada. The Limited Edition Tiger Cross Camo VICIOUS jerseys will also be worn throughout the UWL season. A very small amount of each of these jerseys will be available to the public.

Keep your eye out for more Limited Edition VICIOUS jerseys throughout the year.

Please contact Julie at 402-350-4472 or with any questions or to order. Remember you can shop DSSP8NTBALL.COM and 24/7.