Sly Equipment has been purchased by Valken Paintball. While the press release below shines a positive light on this, current catalogs indicate otherwise. In 2014 the only products still active from the SLY product sku’s include the SLY Profit Paintball goggle system and a few out of stock gear bags. Sly Equipment was the brain child of paintball player Tyson Everson (R.I.P.) and legendary product designer Ken Anderson. Don Besancon joined the team in 2008 to help spearhead development of the Sly paintball goggle and the unreleased gun project. The company was located in Anaheim, CA.


Valken Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired SLY Equipment. 

Effective immediately, Valken will be manufacturing, selling and distributing the entire line of Sly Equipment which includes the Profit and Annex goggle systems, the PRO-MERC S-12 lineup of softgoods, protective gear and luggage; and the Pro-Merc Carbon Fiber barrel systems. 

Products currently in development include a new line of high-end SLY branded Goggles and TRAINING protective gear along with a new gun and loader that are due out later this year. Annex will see the release of a mid level goggle system and also full head coverage.

Gino Postorivo, President and CEO of Valken said, “We are excited and proud to add SLY to our expanding line of manufactured products. Sly’s innovation, quality and popularity throughout the paintball industry will provide a more diverse opportunity for Valken, and the players, alike.” “Ken Anderson and his team will staying on as consultants and will be spearheading the SLY Division”, added Postorivo.

Ken Anderson, President of SLY LLC said. “A lot of companies chose to downsize and cut back on investment during the recession. We did the opposite and pushed ahead aggressively thinking that if we continue to put great products in front of our customers, they would continue to support us. We also realized very quickly that we needed to find the best way to distribute our products, and Valken opened the door for us.

Ken Anderson, his new role as Valken’s New Product Specialist said “The acquisition of SLY Equipment by Valken opens up more avenues for rapid development, vast distribution and integrated marketing and we’re glad to be part of the Valken team.” We have a lot of great new products in the works!” 

As an added value for their customers, Valken can now combine shipments of paint, goggles, plastics, loaders and soft-goods at their Hong Kong facility, making for more-timely and less expensive worldwide distribution of these items.


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