Update: USPL Official Announcement has been posted.

Junior Brown of Sacramento XSV reportedly “hacked” into Rich Telfords (XSV) email and shared bits and pieces of the official announcement. Junior shared the list of Pro teams participating as well as the date of the first event; the USPL 7-man league will debut in Hunington Beach, April 3rd-5th.

The USPL Pro Team list is composed of the following;

Tampa Bay Damage,
Sacramento XSV,
San Diego Dynasty,
San Antonio X-Factor,
Los Angeles Infamous,
Edmonton Impact,
D.C. Arsenal,
San Jose or Bay Area Explicit,
St. Louis Avalanche,
Scottsdale Elevation,
Chicago Farside,
O.C, Bushwackers,
Phoenix United
Oakland Blast,
Indianapolis (TBA)
Miami Rage

Amongst reknown pro organizations Dynasty, X-Factor, and Infamous are the likes of St. Louis Avalanche, Chicago Farside and Phoenix United, all of which withdrew from competitive paintball for financial reasons. As of writing, we are unclear as to how they plan to fund themselves but definitely wish their teams luck. These experienced PRO teams will be competing alongside several divisional teams. Further USPL details are sure to emerge over the course of the next week. Stay tuned!

Credit: Junior Brown (SacPaintball.com)

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