USPL / NPPL Pro Owners Meeting This Weekend

USPL / NPPL Pro Owners will be flying in from all over the country to meet this weekend in Huntington Beach, CA. The topics being discussed include the 2009 season, which teams will be competing, whether or not prizes should be given out (in exchange for zero entry fees), and most importantly, how the league plans to function.

We’ve heard rumors that Dave Youngblood (DYE), Art Mendoza (RAGE), Bob Long (BLAST), Ron Kilbourne (Bushwackers), Rich Telford (XSV), Alex Fraige (DYNASTY), Bart Yachimec (IMPACT), and Tom Fore (Arsenal) will be in attendance.

This new 7-man league looks to be shaping up, hopefully more concrete details will be available next week.

Do you think the rumored increase in PSP Pro Teams was a move to “upset” the NPL? Or is Lane & Co listening to the concerns of paintball players and taking a logical step to include qualified professional teams? Sound off below!