propaintball-iconLive paintball news and scores from the USPL West Coast Open for Friday, July 24th, 2009.

Game Updates:

Game 1: OC Bushwackers win against Chicago Legend

Game 2: Edmonton Impact runs through SF Explicit

Game 3: Sacramento XSV loses to Oakland BLAST. Blast closed the game with 6 bodies alive. Ouch!

Game 4: San Diego Dynasty blows out Indianapolis Mutiny in 40 seconds.

Game 5: Impact defeats the OC Bushwackers.

Game 6: Blast beats Legend with 5 bodies alive

Game 7: Blast beat Impact and goes 3-0. Oakland is on a roll!

Game 8: Sacramento XSV beats Impact.

Game 9: BLAST goes 4-0 taking out Mutiny.

Game 10: After a close game, Explicit drops the game to the Bushwackers.

Read on for the latest rumors and gossip from the field.

Josh Davey from Edmonton Impact is missing in action.

San Francisco Explicit is starting the event with 6 guys instead of 7 due to a penalty had by Jesse Lapid at the Huntington Beach event.

Stoned Assassins are a man down. Word has it they were looking for a 7th man early, hope they found someone!

Today is sure to be a hot one and players and fans will need to keep hydrated and stay out of the sun. For those of you reading, try Pedialyte Рits straight electrolytes  and works extremely fast. The private label stuff available at your local pharmacy works just as well as the name brand. DRINK UP!

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