Update on the Angel EYE paintball goggle

Jay from Angel Paintball has taken some time to update the community as to the progress of the long rumored ANGEL EYE paintball goggle system.

angel eye paintball goggle

Q: Jay, Did you think these Angel EYE goggle system would be out by now?

A: Yes. I was wrong.

Q: Ok, then, when will it be released?

A: It will be released once it is ready. I know that won’t be a popular answer, but it is an honest one. As much as I want this out NOW, it has to be right once it is released. Coming out with a product before it is as best as we can make it is not an option for us on this product. Once I have a release date, you all will know, as I will be shouting it at the top of my lungs from the highest hill with a big smile on my face (and posting it here).I will also be keeping our dealers up to date once a release date is known. At this time, my best guess is early 2011.

Q: I pre-ordered the mask from a company, now what do I do?

A: This product is coming out. I know it is fun to compare it in this thread to certain loaders that died before arriving, but that will not be the case here. If you simply pre-ordered it from your dealer, talk to them about the situation, or email me. If you pre-paid for your mask, and are concerned, talk to the people you paid. Most or all of you that pre-paid used a credit card, which gives you some protection in case you don’t believe me.

Q: Enough BS, what is the holdup?

A: There have been certain aspects of the mask that we have been able to improve, and feel obligated to do so. In the long run, it makes for a better product. We are not going to release an ’10 EYE now, then incorporate the improvements and release an ’11 EYE, with a ’12 EYE having a new small feature. We are going to release the ANGEL EYE, making the best initial product possible.

Q: Will it me worth the wait?

A: I think so. While I am still using the same goggle system I have used for years, my masks are getting tired. However, I am just replacing lenses as needed, waiting for the EYE. I count myself among those that are very excited about this product, and think about it daily. While it may not make you feel better, I am waiting along with the rest of you personally for this mask.

Q: Lastly, what are you going to do once the EYE is released?

A: Work my butt off getting them shipped out to our dealers, then have a beer.