Update from Joy Division

Following on the heels of Joy Divisions retirement announcement, team manager Magued Idris has released a statement providing more information and insight as to where the players will end up.

Thanks! For the kind words, its been a pleasure being part of paintball with you guys,

The team is really moved by the overwhelming kind response from all over the world. And it feels like we did something right reading all those praises

Sebban and Karl will play with the local Mash team at least a year or 2 more.

Max is not sure, but hes talking about doing little maxes with hes girlfriend (which you would understand if you meet her! )

Mellis is done and Storckenfeldt is done. Knut is moving back to Norway and might play some more but he have big plans with his naprapathy carrier.

And for me I retired last year but are still involved thru my Aball, so I will be at events sometimes with APS.

The team might do some promotion for the new Angel in 2011 and Im sure APS will do one last Joy Edition when the ARK arrive

Thank you!

Magued Idris