Understood Paintball is back with a new paintball event shirt for the PSP 2011 Chicago Open. This new shirt was inspired by Chicago’s storied history of organized crime and the infamous Thompson Sub-machine gun.

We’re dropping another Limited Edition Event Shirt for the PSP’s Chicago Open next week.  Its not the “official” PSP event shirt. Its better!

Our new shirt is a moisture-wicking tee ideal for the crazy midwest summer weather and features full color graphics on both the front and back. We designed it so it works equally well as a normal tee or you can “get it big, so it hangs down low” and its moisture-wicking fabric makes it a perfect under-jersey.

As always, only limited quantities are available at the Understood Chicago Open PSP booth. So come by early as the Galveston event shirt sold out in 3 hours on day 1.

Don’t miss out on this awesome t-shirt!

Understood Paintball Chicago Event Shirt


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