Tuesday Paintball Rumor Report

propaintballTodays Pro Paintball rumor report is very wet and juicy. No shows, new paintball guns and companies reworking their sponsorship. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from the Hurricanes, XSV, Mutiny, Aftershock, Vanguard and Planet Eclipse.

  • Planet Eclipse and the NE Hurricanes have reportedly parted ways. That means that the Hurricanes EGOX we showcased around World Cup 2009 won’t be hitting store shelves anytime soon. This marks the third high profile paintball team to leave the Eclipse stable for 2010; Sacramento XSV is now shooting the Alien marker, LA Infamous is now shooting Bob Long Victory’s and now the Hurricanes? This begs the question, is Planet Eclipse refocusing resources to pay for DYNASTY?
  • Aftershock had a scheduled practice with Indianapolis Mutiny over the weekend. ProPaintball insiders reported that Aftershock flew in players and drove 6 hours, lugging along 90 cases of paint only to spend the weekend scrimmaging against themselves as Mutiny was no where to be found.
  • With that being said, Aaron Tholey of Mutiny was seen trying out for XSV’s pro PSP squad. We caught up with Tholey who filled us in. He will be competing in the NPPL with Mutiny and if everything works out, competing in the PSP with XSV.
  • Speaking of Aaron, yesterday we showcased a first look at XSV shooting their new Alien paintball guns. In the photos there is a glimpse of Aaron Tholey in his Mutiny gear shooting a Vanguard Creed. Could Mutiny be the first pro paintball team to shoot the Creed?