Paintball Round up: Rumors and News

Today’s round up features the latest paintball news and gossip from Tampa Bay Damage, Chicago Aftershock, San Antonio X-Factor, Omaha VICIOUS, PSP-MAO and the NPPL.

  • ProPaintball insiders suggest that Chicago Aftershock and San Antonio X-Factor are playing NPPL Pro 7-man this year. Missing this year will be the Portland Naughty Dogs who recently lost Corey Fields, which was the backbone of the team. Corey and several of his former teammates will continue competing in the pro division as Seattle Thunder. The pro division will in fact be capped at 16 teams.
  • Last week we reported that Hollywood Mischief had joined the NPPL, however ProPaintball insiders suggest that team was registered in error and will not be competing in the pro division.
  • Omaha VICIOUS has teamed up with S2 Style Supply for 2011. S2 will be producing the new VICIOUS paintball jerseys, including a special VICIOUS camo-version to be used when the team competes in Tom Cole’s Ultimate Woods-ball League (UWL).
  • There is a rumors stiring that the PSP Mid-Atlantic Open will not be at Paintball Central (PBC) this year. Instead, sources suggest the event may be held at OXCC (OACC) in Maryland. The OXCC is owned by Rick Carver and is said to have one of the best all-grass fields in the country. Speaking of the OXCC, Draxxus recently teamed up with the MAPL/GPL and OXCC to sponsor the league and host Scenario games at the park.