nppl_logoWord on the street is Tom Fore (ARSENAL Owner) and Chuck Hendsch (formerly NPPL) is working to put together a new 7man premier league to fill the NPPL’s shoes. Preliminary plans include running not one but 2(!) Huntington Beach events and a 12-team Pro division. Chuck Hendsch will be overseeing operations and running the new league.

The “new NPPL” is planning on having approximately 100 teams per event and maintaining the existing NPPL division structure. Word has it they are currently trying to source the equipment neccessary to make the events happen. The grapevine is abuze with talk on the new league and most importantly, where the teams and money will come from. Chuck Hendsch is said to be bringing approximately $100K to help with funding operations though no one is really sure who (in their right mind) would be forking over such a large amount of cash at this time. With JT and WDP (barely) treading water, Kingman+outside sponsors may be the only ones with enough cash on hand to make such a move. At this point, anything is possible.

What do you think? Is another league viable at this point in our sport? Who is going to be funding the league, and most importantly, what pro teams would bail on the PSP to compete? Sound off in the comments below.

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