The off season is in full swing and the rumors are flying. In this weeks rumor report we showcase the latest and most credible rumors floating around the paintball community. Read on for news on the Naughty Dogs, Russian Legion, DC Arsenal, Edmonton Impact, XSV and X-Factor.

  • Word on the street has the Russians going back to a Russian-only roster. After watching the team win the 2009 World Cup and doing so well throughout the season, its hard to imagine them making such drastic changes. Credible reports indicate that the team has made a major pickup; Federov has left the Philly All Americans and is returning to the Russian Legion for 2010.
  • Speaking of the All Americans, star player Jason “FK” Edwards has left the team and has signed with Tampa Bay Damage for 2010. Jason guested with the Damage at the USPL Las Vegas and made things official shortly there after. This is a major pickup for Damage and a great move for Jason.
  • DC Arsenal and the Seattle Naughty Dogs are rumored to be (considering) combining their efforts and making a joint-run for the podium in the PSP Pro division in 2010. Tom Fore, one of the primary interests in the USPL 7-man league, is said to be on the fence about the whole thing. Only time will tell.
  • Edmonton Impact is looking to make a bigger presence in the European circuits. After the watching the success of the Roamin’ Video Series by Justin Cornell, Zach Yachimec, Josh Ouimet and Josh Davey, the move makes a lot of sense. The team would be very competitive in the Millennium series and would be doing an excellent job to further promote their sponsors.
  • Word has it that Alex Martinez is 100% committed to San Antonio X-Factor and the team is looking to do big things in 2010. The guys at BallersCafe report that X-Factor may have been released from their KEE Action Sports sponsorship contract. We’ve asked around at KEE and have not heard anything official yet, so your guess is as good as ours.
  • Speaking of BallersCafe, they are reporting that Tyler Harmon was cut by SD Aftermath. Word is that he is actively pursuing other opportunities and XSV seems to be the direction he is headed in.
  • Dave Baines was seen reffing the WCPPL over the weekend with the rest of San Diego Aftermath. Could he be playing with San Diego Aftermath in 2010? Share your comments below!


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